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Laser Hair Bleaching

Although unwanted hairs are easily removed by laser epilation methods, when some hairs are very thin and light colored, the laser does not see them and does not affect them. In such cases, the best method that can be preferred for people is the laser hair bleaching method. In this method, Q-switch NdYag laser device which developed in recent years will be used. This device, which can be used easily in many areas, thins the thin and indistinct hairs by turning them yellow and this hair disappears over time.

Why Is Hair Bleaching Done With Laser?

Although it is possible to get rid of hair and hair follicles permanently with laser methods, sometimes the hair structure is not suitable for these procedures. Therefore, people with fine hair need extra methods to get rid of these hairs. Hair bleaching with laser is a method applied to get rid of these hairs. It is extremely important for people to get rid of their fine hair and to camouflage the appearance of these hairs.

Who Is Suitable For This Procedure?

Unlike other laser methods, laser hair bleaching is a process that is suitable for every skin type and every skin color. In fact, this method is generally used to make the appearance of hair on the skin invisible and that cannot be applied with other laser methods. No matter what skin color and skin type you have, you can easily choose this method and have it applied. In addition, this process is a method that can be done easily in all seasons. This provides an extremely important advantage.

If you are wondering what is the hair bleaching process and how it works, we would like to give you information. In the process of hair bleaching with laser, laser beams sent to the hair follicles cause the hairs to become thinner and lighten. After a certain period of time, the color of the hair returns to its former state, while their fineness remains the same. Here, the structures of the hairs are somewhat thinned. In fact, the purpose is to camouflage and refine the appearance of the hairs on the skin. This process is effective on that conventional laser devices cannot see, and is especially recommended for people with very fair skin color and hair color.

Although this method, which is used to turn the hairs yellow, is easily applied in every region under normal conditions, it is preferred in places where there are thin hairs or where other laser devices cannot see it, in order to be more practical, Areas such as the face, upper arms, waist, back and abdomen are the best among them. Hair bleaching with laser is a method that can be used safely in all these areas.

This method is generally used to make the appearance of hairs invisible rather than destroying them. However, we can also say that the hairs disappear over time, since a certain amount of thinning is achieved with each treatment. Although bleaching laser is not as effective as in removing hair like other laser methods, we can say that effective results can get obtained when it is done regularly. In case of not getting rid of your hair, you will be pleased of the results this method.

Laser methods are the best methods you can choose to get rid of hair and camouflage it. Moreover, the application process of these methods is extremely simple and comfortable. Many people can easily get rid of their hair with these methods. Let’s talk about how to apply this important method:

People are taken to a suitable area for the procedure and the intended area will be open,
Then, the yellowing process is started with a laser device with a special tip.
Depending on the application area, the application time of the process may vary. However, in general it is a practical and comfortable procedure.
The time you will spend is very short, but the effect you will get is quite high.

Undoubtedly, the most common concern regarding laser methods is whether there is any harm in such procedures. Sending laser beams to the body during these procedures causes people to think that these methods may be harmful. In fact, the amount of these rays is not at a level that will adversely affect human health. Actually we are exposed to much more than the amount of radiation emitted by these rays in our daily lives. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about this method. The procedure does not have any permanent damage or side effects on the skin. Only slight redness may occur in the application area during the procedure, and this will go away on its own approximately 1-2 hours after the procedure.

In general, there is a certain pain in laser procedures, but this pain is so minimal. We can compare the pain to the feeling pain of a mosquito bite. If you want to have the procedure but are afraid of pain, there is no need to worry. There is no unbearable feeling of pain and it is an extremely comfortable procedure. For this reason, it is one of the most preferred methods of people who want to get rid of their hair in recent years.

It is a method applied in hospitals or clinics. A sterile environment and an experienced expert in this field are required for the method. If you are looking for a good place to do this procedure, you need to do some research and be careful. you will get the maximum efficiency from the process if you find a suitable hospital. In any case, the procedure is generally not a dangerous or risky operation. Therefore, you can choose with peace of mind. If you want to get rid of hairs that laser devices cannot see, you can choose the hair bleaching procedure applied by using the Q-switch Nd Yag laser device in our hospital.

Hair bleaching, which is one of the most preferred methods among laser procedures in recent years, is very popular by women and men. One of the most common questions regarding the method is undoubtedly the price. It is difficult to give an exact price as the process is applied to many different parts of body. The price also varies according to the application area and the density of the hair in this area. For these reasons, first of all, your hair should be examined for price information. After this review, our experts will present you how to proceed and price information. This method, which will save you from your hair in the long period of time, will be much more convenient than the amount you spend to get rid of them in other methods such as waxing and etc.

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