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In Which Situations Breast Lifting Is Performed?

The problem of sagging breasts is a very annoying problem experienced by many women. The most important parts of a woman’s body are her breasts and butt. These two parts are decisive in order to have feminine and rounded lines. That’s why sagging breasts or not looking fit and full and the fact that the butt is not straight and upturned make women very uncomfortable. All women want these two organs to look fit and beautiful. But after weight loss or pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts may lose their form and sag. In this case, the most effective solution is surgical and aesthetic operations.

What can be done to understand that your breasts are sagging?

The most effective test method for detecting sagging breasts is the nipple test. Let’s say there’s an underline right where your boobs end. If your nipples are lower than this line, that is, if your breasts have drooped down to a level that will go below this bottom line when you let go, you need a breast lift operation. This degree of descent and how far the nipples are below the line determines the sagging of the breast.

If the nipples are slightly above the under-breast line, the sagging is mild, although the difference with the under-breast line is clear, it means that there is no sagging in the breasts yet. A woman can make such a determination to see if her breasts are sagging. In addition, if you apply to a doctor for such an operation, your doctor will make a decision by making a similar rating.

Breast Sagging Problem

Sagging breasts bothers every woman. Because our breasts are organs with a low muscle ratio and mostly composed of fat. This causes them to be very affected by changes such as weight gain and loss. Breasts, which experience constant changes, lose their elasticity and vitality over time and begin to sag. This problem, which bothers almost every woman, is unfortunately not a problem that can be solved by doing sports or using cosmetic products. Although a degree of firmness of the breasts is achieved in this way, breast lift surgery is the only thing that can be done for the breasts that are actually sagging, that is, the breasts that look further below the underbust line. Cosmetic products or sports are effective for maintaining the vitality of breasts that have not sagged yet.

Before Breast Lift Surgery

Every woman who has such a problem should first apply to a reliable and professional health institution. The expertise and experience of the doctors in this establishment is important. Because although such surgeries now give much more successful results with the developing techniques, the experienced doctors reduce the risks of the surgery and increase the chance of success even more. Therefore, in order to get healthier and more successful results, first of all, a good research and a good choice should be made about the doctor and health institution. In such an institution, your doctor will make a preliminary interview with you and give you information about the details of the surgery and your situation. The doctor and the patient should decide together on the degree of sagging of the breasts and the procedures to be done.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

After the surgery is decided, the patient should follow the doctor’s recommendations. First of all, it is necessary to stay away from smoking and some drugs before the surgery. If the patient wants to lose weight and the losing situation continues, it would be good to complete this process as well. These surgeries are now performed in a way that does not harm the milk glands and ducts. Patients can continue to breastfeed for a while after the operation. However, if surgery is decided and there is already a pregnancy situation, it should be waited and the pregnancy and breastfeeding period should be completed as much as possible.

How the surgery will be performed is decided according to the degree of sagging in the breast. If the sagging is not too much, a piece of the breast ring skin is taken. This piece is in the shape of a half moon and in this way, the nipple can be raised a little higher.

If the degree of sagging is higher, the extracted piece is larger. But for the maximum degree of sagging, an incision called a keyhole is made and an inverted t-shaped scar remains after the surgery. But this trace also turns pink over time and can almost disappear. In addition, the incision scar is completed in the bikini area.

Things to Consider After Breast Surgery

Thanks to the breast lift surgery, the breasts can look straighter and fuller. In a very short time, the patient can achieve re-formed and shaped breasts. With the surgery, the breasts are made to look slightly forward and upward when the patient stands up. The pain may last for a few days after the surgery, and this situation is tried to be alleviated with painkillers.

Fifteen days are expected for the stitches to be removed. The patient continues to see his doctor for dressing and control. It is recommended to wear a non-wired, wire-free and cotton bra to cover her breasts. She should protect her breasts for a month and not come into contact with water for a long time. His doctor tells him what to do in case of any problem or hematoma. These are among the rare side effects, although not too many. Mild bleeding and hematoma are problems that can be treated in a short time.

A Non-Sagging and Proportioned Body

Breasts are of great importance for the female body to look full, healthy and proportionate. Breasts have a special place for women as they are the symbol of femininity and feminine appearance. The problems with them are genetic or acquired problems. For example, women with a very short distance between the congenital nipple and the under-breast line can also apply for this surgery.

Breasts tend to sag in cases such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, obesity, diabetes and heavy smoking. Every man or woman should take care of their health and not neglect their exercises in order to protect their own body. But if the problems in the breasts get bigger, they can no longer be solved with exercise. The only way to do this is breast lift surgery. Breast lift, which is one of the most frequently applied surgeries by women, is one of the options that more and more women apply.

How to Maintain the Form of the Breasts?

Breasts that regain their shape after breast lift surgery can maintain their shape by eating healthy and doing sports. Namely, the human body inevitably tends to sag and lose its shape over the years. The breasts also adapt to this as a part of the body. However, some breast lift exercises help to maintain the shape of already shaped breasts. Doing these regularly and cosmetic products are effective in maintaining this state of the breasts, which already maintain their form and vitality.

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