Ice Laser

Ice Laser, also known as ice laser, is the latest in hair removal technology. We can say that this method, which stands out with its effectiveness different from the classical laser epilation methods, is the most effective and the most useful method to be applied. Unwanted hair and hair are extremely important to people of all ages and genders. These hairs and hairs can cause both a bad appearance and some health problems.

What Is Ice Laser?

If you are wondering what the ice laser application is and what it does exactly, you can review our article. First of all, Ice Laser is a kind of hair removal method. With this method, it is possible to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Thanks to this method, which is applied as a session, the hair follicles are frozen and this causes the hairs to sleep. Sleeping hair roots also become passive and do not continue to grow. Thanks to this method, people get rid of hair growth permanently. This is a process that positively affects people’s lives. For these reasons, we can say that the process is very preferred and has been used by many people in recent years.

Why Is Ice Laser More Effective?

Since a special technique is used in the ice laser method, dark floors and light colored hairs in other laser methods are not a problem. Since the purpose of this method is to freeze the hair follicles, we can say that this type of different hair and skin colors is not a problem. This method is effective on hair roots and is extremely comfortable. We can say that people are much more satisfied and comfortable when the Ice Laser method is preferred. Along with the many advantages offered by the method, it is also an important advantage that it is more effective in removing hairs.

Which Regions Is It Suitable For?

One of the most important advantages of ice laser application is that it can be applied to every area and every hair except white color. Regardless of men or women, this method can be applied in every region with peace of mind and effective results are obtained. Ice Laser detects even fine and yellow hairs that other laser types cannot detect and provides effective results on these hairs.

Does Ice Laser Have Permanent Effect?

One of the most frequently asked questions about the ice laser method is how permanent the method is and whether it really produces a solution to the hair problem. First of all, if Ice Laser is applied regularly, it produces definite and permanent solutions. Although it varies from person to person, it is possible to get rid of hair permanently between 4-6 sessions with this method.

Who Is Ice Laser Suitable For?

Laser methods are generally safe and harmless methods. Ice Laser, on the other hand, is a much safer and much more comfortable application. If you are wondering who can have this procedure, we would like to give you detailed information. First of all, we would like to talk about who cannot benefit from this application because many people can easily benefit from this application. Anyone other than the people we have mentioned below can easily benefit from this laser method:
under 16 years old
Pregnant and lactating mothers
Those who have a disease that will prevent laser application
Anyone other than the people we mentioned above can easily have ice laser application.

Can It Be Done In All Seasons?

Another important point that distinguishes the ice laser application from other lasers is that the procedure can be easily applied in all seasons. Since it is not very important to be dark or white-skinned in this process, the seasonal difference does not matter. Therefore, we can say that the process is more preferred. Since brunette women are more sensitive to laser applications, they generally do not get enough benefit from the classical laser process. In addition to these, women with very lifeless and yellow hair cannot get enough efficiency from classical laser operations. The ice laser method, on the other hand, is a method that everyone can get maximum efficiency and can be applied under all conditions.

Is It A Harmful Process?

People naturally wonder whether the Ice Laser method, which stands out among laser methods, has any harm on the skin. In laser methods, giving laser beams to the skin surface is a situation that scares and worries people. However, the laser beams used in these methods are not more than the rays that people are exposed to in their daily life. We can say that we receive much more radiation from the electronic devices we use in daily life. Therefore, you should not be worried about such transactions.

Is It A Painful Procedure?

Laser procedures are painless compared to other hair removal methods. Ice Laser, which is among these laser methods, is a method in which the feeling of pain is experienced at a low level, and for this reason, it has been preferred in recent years. People who prefer this method will find that it is an extremely convenient and comfortable application. You can have this application done without any worries.

Where Is It Done?

Such laser applications must be performed by experts in the field in a sterile environment. Hospitals and private clinics are the best places for this. Ice Laser procedures should not be done in a place such as hairdressing salons. The device used, how sterile the environment is and the expertise of the person applying are extremely important details. By paying attention to these, you can find a suitable center. Otherwise, although the method is harmless, in a non-sterile environment, you will have a very high probability of having problems with a non-specialist.

Ice Laser Prices

The factors that provide high comfort in the Ice Laser method are both the high application speed and the minimum level of pain. When the method is so effective and advantageous, one naturally wonders about the fee to be paid for the transaction. Ice Laser prices are determined separately for each region. Pricing will be made according to which region you want to process. In addition, discounts and conveniences are provided with various campaigns for transactions covering more than one region. For this reason, it is generally done in a much more advantageous way.

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