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Hydrofilling (Aquafilling) Breast Filling

Fuller and lively breasts are one of the beauty elements that every woman dreams of. However, not everyone may want to have surgery for such an image. Hydrofilling (Aquafilling) breast filling is an important procedure that will help you achieve a fuller breast appearance without the need for surgery. With this intervention, you can have fuller breasts without surgery.

What is Hydrofilling (Aquafilling) Breast Filling?

From past to present, breasts have had an important place in women’s perception of beauty. Plump and large breasts are thought to be the most important element that makes a woman look beautiful. As a result, women have undergone surgical operations for fuller breasts for years. However, this surgery may no longer be necessary. Thanks to the hydrofilling breast filling process, there is no longer a need for surgery for fuller breasts. Because with a simple filling process, it is possible to have fuller and lively breasts.

Why Is Breast Filling Done?

The answer to the question of why breast filling is done and why it is needed is actually extremely simple. Every woman wants to have good looking breasts and strives for it. Although most women think that surgical interventions are the only way, this is not true. Aquafilling is the best method for women who want to have fuller breasts without the need for surgical operations.

Breast filling procedures have become popular in recent years and many people have started to prefer this procedure. The advantages and ease of this process have led people to this method. The question of who is suitable for hydrofilling breast augmentation has recently come to the fore a lot. In fact, this process is suitable for many people. Only some people are not able to do such procedures. Namely;

Pregnant and lactating women
Those who are allergic or sensitive to the filler used
Those who are not suitable for the operation due to health problems
Not within the age limit
Except for the people we mentioned above, everyone can easily perform this procedure and easily have much fuller breasts.

One of the most curious subjects of the process is how it is done naturally. If you are wondering how the Aquafilling breast filling process is done, we would like to give you detailed information. Namely;

For the procedure, creams or products with local anesthetic effect are used as in classical filling procedures. No incision is created for the procedure.
After the desired numbness is achieved, the filling material is injected with needles.
The procedure is completed in a short time and the patient can return to his daily life after the procedure.
You can achieve a fuller and more upright breast appearance with this comfortable and fast operation.

One of the most important details about breast filling procedures is naturally whether the procedure is a painful one. The most important aspect of the surgical reservation is the pain associated with the procedure. In the filling process, both the process and after it is extremely comfortable and comfortable. There is no serious pain during and after the procedure.

One of the most important questions about hydrofilling breast filling and other filling processes is whether there is any harm in the process. Although there is no surgical intervention during the procedure, a filler is injected into people’s bodies as a result. Under normal circumstances, these operations are not risky or harmful. However, there may be slight redness and swelling after the procedure. Very rarely, bruising may occur. All these are temporary problems and patients do not have any problems permanently.

Surgery for breast augmentation and lifting is very effective. However, for those who are afraid of surgery, this situation is not important. In Aquafilling breast filling, there is no surgical procedure, and therefore there is no fear and anxiety. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not permanent. In fact, it is not possible to talk about a complete permanence in surgical operations. Because the silicones attached with these processes may need to be replaced at certain intervals.

We have previously emphasized that this surgical operation is not permanent. However, we can say that the filling process still has permanence for a certain period of time. Under normal conditions, filling procedures have a maximum effectiveness of 2 years, while in the filling process applied to the chest, this period varies between 4-8 years. That’s a pretty good amount of time for a fill process, too. In other words, after having this procedure, the effect will last for a long time with peace of mind. Hydrofilling breast filling is an extremely simple procedure that you can use for a long time.

There are some important points that people should pay attention to after filling processes. We would like to give detailed information about what these are. Namely;

Medicines and foods that have blood thinning effects should not be consumed both before and after the procedure.
After the procedure, people should stay away from heavy sports and activities.
Before and after the procedure, people should not consume alcohol and cigarettes.
These are the issues to be considered in general after the Aquafilling breast filling procedure. Apart from these, people can easily return to their daily lives after the procedure. Since the procedure is easy and comfortable, there is no obstacle for them to return to their daily lives.

One of the most important details in breast augmentation procedures is the price issue. For some individuals, people or institutions that do not offer good treatments in this field because of the price, but they are preferred. However, this situation is extremely dangerous. Because the poor quality of the filling material is one of the most important situations that will endanger the health of people. For this reason, the quality of the service offered and the experience of the team should be given importance, not the price. What you need to do to get perfect results from the Hydrofilling (Aquafilling) breast filling process is to find a good clinic and an experienced specialist. When you do this, we can say that you will gain significant advantages and that you will benefit from the transaction. With such a simple and quick treatment, you can have fuller and firmer breasts.

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