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How Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Regardless of whether a woman or a man, everyone wants to have a flat and beautiful stomach. The drooping appearance due to weight loss in the abdominal region is an extremely important obstacle in front of this situation. This situation can be eliminated with tummy tuck surgery. We would like to provide information for those who are wondering how tummy tuck surgery is done and what kind of operation it is exactly. We would like to give information about all the details of this method, which is used to eliminate sagging and bad images in the abdominal region.

What is Abdominoplasty?

We would like to give detailed information for those who are wondering what tummy tuck surgery is. This surgery is a surgical method applied to eliminate the deformities in the abdominal region of the people. It is applied for sagging, cracks and various deformities in the abdominal region, and the region is provided to be much flatter and smoother. Many people are curious about this operation because they complain about the deformities in the abdomen. We would like to give you information about all the details you are wondering about, especially how to do a tummy tuck.

To Whom Abdominoplasty Surgery Is Performed?

We would like to inform you about who is suitable for tummy tuck surgery and to whom these operations can be performed. We would like to give detailed information about who is suitable for tummy tuck surgery, which is as important as how tummy tuck surgery is performed. Namely;

Those who have fat mass in the abdomen despite being thin
People with abdominal deformities after losing excess weight
Those who have sagging in the abdomen after birth
Those who have cracks and deformities in the abdomen after birth
Those who do not have any health problems that may prevent them from having the surgery
Those who do not plan to become pregnant for a short time after the operation
Everyone we mentioned above can easily perform a tummy tuck operation. To understand whether you are suitable for the operation, you can meet with experts in this field and have a detailed examination.

What Look Will Be Obtained After Abdominoplasty?

After this operation, a surprising improvement is achieved in the abdominal region. The saggy appearance and especially the cracks in the area are easily recovered and removed. A thin incision is made during the operation, as in the cesarean section, and then an internal suture is applied to minimize the scarring. Although some traces of the surgery remain in the abdominal region afterward, these disappear completely over time. In general, the trace of the operation is located under the underwear line. We would like to provide additional information for those who are wondering how the tummy tuck operation is performed.

In Which Situations Is Abdominoplasty Surgery Necessary?

We would like to give information on how to perform tummy tuck surgery, why this surgery is needed and why it is so important. First of all, this operation is needed to have a better abdominal look. Deformities in the abdominal region are one of the conditions that make many people extremely unhappy and restrict it. Many people are very unhappy because of the problems experienced in this region. Especially in summer, this situation restricts them quite a lot.
The easiest way to get rid of all these annoying situations is tummy tuck surgery. People who have undergone this operation can achieve a beautiful abdominal appearance in a short time as they wish. Therefore, we can easily say that such important operations are necessary.

How Abdominoplasty Surgery Is Performed, Procedure Steps

Let’s talk about the main issue, how to do tummy tuck surgery. We think that this is the issue that people who want to have this procedure are most curious about. For those who are wondering, the tummy tuck operation steps are as follows;

First of all, people are prepared for the operation and anesthesia is applied.
An incision is then made 8 cm below the belly button.
Then, the deformities in the area are removed and an internal stitching is applied in the area.
Depending on the situation, the patient stays in the hospital for a few days and a urinary probe is inserted so that he does not exert himself too much.

The operation is not difficult in general, but people need to be a little careful afterwards. He mustn’t push himself and rest as much as possible. After a few weeks, they can return to their normal lives.

By Who Is Abdominoplasty Surgery Performed?

Abdominoplasty is a procedure performed by plastic surgeons specialized in this field. Although the operation is generally easy, it requires expertise. In addition, the operation must be performed in a hospital or clinic setting. For those who wonder how the surgery is done, we can say that it is performed in a full-scale operating room accompanied by a specialist doctor. These elements are extremely important for the success of the operation. In addition, it is an extremely important situation that eliminates the risks of the transaction. In the procedures that are not performed by a specialist in the right environment, some problems may occur that may endanger the life of the patient. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Will there be a feeling of pain during the operation?

In tummy tuck and similar operations, there is no feeling of pain because anesthesia is applied to people in general. In the operation, the patient is extremely comfortable and relaxed. Doctors give painkillers for the pain that occurs when the numbness goes away after a certain period of time after the procedure. Since you have to stay in the hospital for a day or two after the operation, you are taken care of and the pain you experience is reduced to a minimum. You can talk to your doctor and get much more detailed information about how the surgery is performed and whether there is a feeling of pain afterwards.

Tummy Tuck Fees

Abdominoplasty operations save people from many problems, while at the same time offering a better quality of life. For this reason, we can say that this operation is preferred by many. Of course, we can also say that many important details are curious about this operation. Operation fees come to the fore among these curious issues. Since the operation fees will vary according to the deformities in the abdomen of the person, it is much more appropriate for those who want to get information about this subject to a doctor’s examination.
We tried to give information for those who are wondering how abdominoplasty is done and what kind of operation it is exactly. If you want to learn about these issues, you can follow us. Thus, you can reach all the details you are wondering about the operations you want to undergo.

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