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How to Perform Nose Aesthetics Rhinoplasty?

Nose aesthetics is the general name of the applications of shaping the noses with deformity and structure into a desired and comfortable way of breathing. If they have unwanted images, nose correction is applied to the nose. It is not done just to change the shape of the nose. Some patients may experience sleep abscess and difficulty in breathing due to problems caused by the cartilage structure in the nose.

Different nasal aesthetic applications and operations can be performed for such problems. At the same time, the discomforts related to the appearance of the nose are solved by rhinoplasty. Our nose is one of our most important organs for the shape of our face. Therefore, it is very important to have a natural looking and shaped nose that is compatible with our face.

Nose Aesthetics Pre-Surgery

Before all aesthetic surgeries and applications, the patient must consult with the doctor. For such surgeries and applications, first of all, a clinic or health center where an experienced and reliable physician participates in the operations should be selected. The patient is informed about the details and risks of the surgery. In addition, images are presented for the image that will occur after the surgery.

Nose Aesthetic Surgery Stage

During rhinoplasty, the patient is under general anesthesia and therefore does not feel any pain. As long as there is no problem during the surgery, the patient can return to his normal life by leaving the surgery on the same day. If the patient who wants to do the nose correction process complains about the nasal arch, this problem is generally solved with the filing method. Now, there is such a progress in nose surgeries that the result can gain a very different and natural appearance. However, methods such as closed nose surgery have also been developed.

For patients who want to lift their nose, a more upturned and new nose can be obtained with a light touch. Moreover, the result will still look natural. In order for the result to be successful, it is important that the patient and the doctor decide together in the pre-operative meeting. The expectations of the patient are also important, but if a decision is taken according to the doctor’s recommendations, it is possible to achieve more successful and natural-looking results. For some patients, a change in the size of the nostril can be made.

Nose Aesthetics Methods

Until now, nose surgeries were generally performed as closed surgeries. This method can also be called the classical method. But the most prominent of the newly developed methods is closed nose surgery. Rhinoplasty methods are primarily divided into two as closed and open.

Open Nose Surgery

In open nose surgery, which is the classical method, an incision is made in the middle of the patient’s nostrils and on the lower side. In the continuation of the nose correction process, the skin of the nose is removed from here and the cartilage and bone tissue are revealed and the desired change is made in this way.

Since the nose skin is removed, the nose is fully open for the doctor who will perform the surgery. This allows the doctor to work comfortably and make the desired change. It is a very advantageous method compared to the freedom to work during surgery. However, the recovery period of open nose surgery is much longer than the other method. The bruise that will occur around the nose after the surgery is slightly more.

Closed Nose Surgery

The most popular nose surgery method of the last period is called closed rhinoplasty. In this method, an incision is made through the nose. With the laser method, an incision is made inside the nose and the cartilage and bone structure is reached again. The recovery period of the surgery is much shorter than the other, and there is much less bruising after the surgery. After undergoing a nose correction operation, the most important thing is the short and difficult process after this operation.

When Does the Nose Fit After Nose Surgery?

Although the recovery time of nose surgeries varies according to the method of the surgery, it is usually six months. However, it takes about two years for the nose to take its full shape and settle into place. The patient should not interrupt the controls after the surgery and should go to the doctor regularly for controls. Immediately after the operation, a tampon is placed on the nose and this tampon remains for a while. The nose is put on a splint for a while to take the correct shape, which is like a kind of plaster cast. In order for the nose to heal, it is necessary to press ice and use some creams. The patient should do these regularly and not interrupt them.

It takes approximately one week for tampons and splints to be removed. After a week, the patient’s nose does not appear swollen. The patient begins to breathe much more easily. Then the sutures are removed and the patient continues to go for regular check-ups. It is normal for the first week to be painful, the doctor may give some medicines to the patient for this. Later, both pain and swelling will gradually decrease and the patient’s nose will begin to take its full shape.

Progress in Nose Aesthetics

There is a very serious progress in rhinoplasty, which is one of the most applied aesthetic surgeries. Now the surgeries are less painful and the patient experiences less bruising. The rate of skin irritation is also reduced.

After giving the nose correction until the operation, a detailed examination is made on the nose and skin before the operation and the surgical planning is determined according to personal characteristics. The person’s medical history is questioned and the necessary precautions are taken accordingly. The patient and the doctor should come to an agreement specifically on the shape of the nose. Various images can be presented to the patient and the most natural looking one is selected. Even if the patient considers his own wishes, he should also follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Some of the most common rhinoplasty methods in recent years are non-surgical aesthetic methods. Although the permanence of these methods is less, some patients may also benefit from it. These include methods such as thread nose lift, nasal tip filling or botox.

Filing of the Nose Belt

One of the most important issues for most patients is filing the bridge of the nose. The level of filing is determined by the harmony of the nose and face. This is not done for patients who have nasal curvature and require a more serious operation. Different methods are recommended for them.

Who Gets Nose Fillers?

Nasal filling, which is one of the non-surgical methods, is only recommended for patients who are disturbed by a slight curvature in their nose and come to lift the tip of the nose a little. First, a filler is injected into the nose. Then, by massaging, the patient’s nose is made more shaped. As with all fillers that will enter the body, it becomes important what type of filler is added and whether it is suitable for health.

Botox and Thread Lifting Method

Removing the tip of the nose by applying botox is a controversial method. Even if some patients prefer this method, it should be underlined that this procedure should be repeated from time to time. Again, one of the lifting methods for noses that are not very arched is to lift the nose with threads covered with a silicone material. Although the recovery time of such methods is short, their permanence is less than other surgical operations. According to the patient’s problems and the methods applied, the prices of rhinoplasty surgery and application vary.

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