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How to Make a French Lift?

French sling is an aesthetic prodecure for those who complain about sagging, who want to lift their face but are afraid of surgery. Over the years, facial sagging becomes a problem that everyone complains about. The cheeks are stacked on the chin, and the forehead hangs over the eyes. This causes the eyes to appear more obscure, and the face to appear paler and older. Until now, this situation could generally be resolved with surgery. Non-surgical methods offered more temporary solutions. However, the French sling is a very popular method these days, as it is an effective, longer-lasting and non-surgical method.

Is It Possible to Stop Aging?

Aging is a natural process for all living things and cannot be prevented. It is impossible to completely get rid of the effects of the years. But the acceleration of this process can be prevented. One of the methods in which sagging on the face is greatly reduced without the need for surgery is the French lift. Moreover, its effects are not short-lived. The French lift method, which takes a short time and is much more advantageous compared to surgical stretching operations, is one of the aesthetic operations that celebrities apply most these days.

How is the French Lift Made?

The French lift is a method of stretching the face with ropes that do not harm the body, polyester inside and silicone coating on the outside. This is the biggest advantage of this process, which does not require any stitches and large cuts. Only very small incisions are made to place the threads under the skin. The ropes placed on the cheeks, forehead and neck area from below, lift the face by pulling it upwards with a method called suspension. In this way, the sagging areas are recovered upwards. The threads do not need to be removed again and it adapts to the skin over time. It makes the face look more tense and collected for a long time. The durability of medical threads lasts up to two years. This process can be done again if desired.

Advantages of French Lift

The most important advantage of the French lift is that it does not require any incisions, stitches or surgery, as we said above. Although it is a short-term process, it is another advantage that it lasts for at least two years. This period can be extended for a while with face yoga and various massages. Another advantage is that it has no effect on facial expressions. The French lift does not affect the expression and facial expressions. Therefore, it does not cause a dull and ambiguous expression like in other aesthetic process, which is a very important advantage.

Details of the French Lift Method

The ropes used in the French lift method are grizzled and clinging to the face. These threads, which are more like fishing line, do not cause any discomfort to the face. The prodecure of the method, that is, the suspension process, takes about half an hour. Since there are lycra and flexible threads, it adapts to the face even if the person who has it has gained weight. The patient and doctor decide together the stretch rate and how high the face should be hung. Since flexible and adaptable threads are used, there is no strain on the face and no effect on facial expressions. With this method, the face recovers in a very short time and suddenly the face of the person becomes younger for at least a few years.

How Does It Go After Prodecure?

After the French lift is done, the patient can return to his normal life and work within a day. It is quite normal to have slight bruising and swelling on the face immediately after the procedure. Pain relievers are recommended for pain and ice compresses are recommended for swelling. The most important thing to note is that in the first week, excessive gestures such as opening the mouth too much should be avoided. It can be dangerous to lie on our face and rub the face vigorously for at least three weeks. In fact, the change in the face can be felt immediately after the procedure, but it may not be understood due to swelling. It takes two or three months for the main effect to settle on the face. It has an effect on both sagging and wrinkles.

What Should Be Considered Before Having a French Lift?

If you are looking for a tired, sagging and collapsed expression on your face and you want a seamless method, the French lift is the method for you. To have the process done, you should contact a reliable health care provider and a specialist doctor. Although it is a non-surgical operation, you should not risk your health. Your doctor may recommend a mild sedative just before the process.

The day before the operation, you should rest well and go to the health center with a good sleep. It is important not to drink coffee and alcohol a few days before and on the day of the process, and not to smoke for a few days. Nothing else should be used on the face for a couple of days. If blood thinners are used, these should also be postponed for a few days. If possible, take a break for a few weeks.

What Effects Are Seen After the French Lift?

After the French lift is done, the facial oval is recovered in a short time. The appearance of cheekbones and the reduction of wrinkles are also its immediate effects. Collagen production is facilitated in the area around the threads. As it is known, collagen is very effective in the appearance of youth and vitality of the skin. Therefore, the process is also a beneficial for the skin.

Direct contact with the sun should not be avoided for a few days after the procedure, and especially on the day of the process. Pain and swelling can be relieved with ice compresses and cold pads. Movements such as laughing and yawning by opening the mouth can also damage the face. Lying on the stomach for at least two weeks should be avoided. Peeling and hard facial massages should also be avoided for a while. For the first few days, it’s also good to be fed with liquids or small bites.

Is the French Lift Risky?

The French lift is a low risk operation. However, before all aesthetic processes, the patient’s examinations are done as it should be done. Other measures can be taken, especially for skin prone to swelling and bruising. For conditions such as redness and blood collection, blood thinners should be suspended for a while. However, such side effects are not uncommon.

It is very rare for the skin to have an allergic reaction to the threads used in the process. Insufficient tension of the ropes or incorrect suspension, pitting and asymmetrical pressures may occur. But in order to prevent this, the institution and the doctor where the precesses will be made should be chosen carefully. In general, the French lift is an effective and harmless process with very little risk.

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