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How to Apply Lip Filling

One of the most important parts of our face is our lips. Therefore, if there is shape and deformity or if there is any damage, they should be treated. For a successful lip augmentation or applications, you should consult an experienced and professional doctor. Although lip augmentation or botox may seem simple, it must be done by a specialist.

An examination of oral and dental health is also required before surgery or application. Tooth filling and lip aesthetic applications can sometimes be performed with an integrated operation. When planning, it should be taken into account which priority will be given or whether it can be done together.

Rabbit Lip Aesthetics

Rabbit lip problem, which occurs due to various reasons, is congenital and can be seen in both women and men. This problem is usually associated with a cleft lip and sometimes curvature of the nose can be seen together with it. There are many methods developed to solve this problem, but the most preferred method is the so-called Millard method. The skin inside the mouth is treated first, then the muscles, and then the skin outside.

The general duration of cleft lip or rabbit lip surgeries is about two hours. After the operation, one day is rested in the hospital and ten days are needed for the lips to heal. Even a small scar remains around the lip. Patients should also epilate the upper part of their lips before undergoing surgery, as this may cause distress during and after surgery. Oral and dental health should always be taken care of. But special attention should be paid before and after such an operation.

Things to Consider in Lip Aesthetics

The most important point before lip aesthetics or any aesthetic operation and application is the choice of doctor and hospital. Although lip augmentation is an aesthetic operation, it is important for health that it is done by professional experts because it is an operation. No risk should be taken in any operation like this. Therefore, first of all, a specialist and experienced doctor should be found. If it will be done in a health center or a clinic, a special choice should be made.

It should be well known who will be involved in the operations or by whom the application will be made. It is not possible to get a successful result unless it is performed by an experienced specialist, no matter what kind of operation is performed, small or large. Another point to be considered before the operation is that the patient should stay away from blood thinners for a while, and if he smokes, he should quit smoking for a while.

What to Do After Lip Aesthetics ?

After the operation, if your doctor recommends, you can take a pain reliever or medicine, but nothing else should be taken. You should not do any heavy sports or exercise for a few days. It would be better not to go to the sauna, Turkish bath and swimming pool for a week after the operation. Routines such as skin care should also be interrupted for a while.

If there are any problems with the teeth, it is better to do these first. Or lip aesthetics and dental filling should never be done together. Medicines or creams given by the doctor should be used to the extent recommended by the doctor. It may also be necessary to take fluids and avoid solid foods for a period of time. Doctor’s check-ups should not be neglected either.

How Many Types of Lip Fillers Are There?

The most common types of lip aesthetics are angel wing lip aesthetics, Rubina lip aesthetics, classical lip aesthetics, Eve style, Pierique lip aesthetics, Cupic Lip aesthetics. Which of these to choose is determined by the patient’s face and lip shape. In this regard, the patient and the doctor should decide together beforehand.

One of the temporary and permanent lip fillers can also be selected. The face type is very important in terms of which one to choose. Therefore, the advice of a doctor should be taken into account. Although there are various differences, the most preferred method is classical lip aesthetics.

Lip Aesthetics Tips

Lip aesthetics is a very important type of operation and does not accept any mistakes. If the lip image does not fit the face, an unnatural and bad-looking result will result. A lip filling or operation that looks artificial and does not fit with the teeth and face is an unsuccessful operation.

Nose correction surgery is as important as lip aesthetic applications. The patient must follow the doctor’s recommendations. Care should be taken before and after the operation. If there are problems with teeth and herpes, they should be resolved before the aesthetic operation. Failure of the patient to follow instructions can also have negative consequences.

Lip Aesthetics for Men and Babies

Men may also apply to lip aesthetic applications sometimes due to the rabbit lip problem or the thick appearance of their lips. Men also prefer lip injection and thinning methods. Before hospitalization, they should trim their mustaches and stop taking blood thinners. Also important for men is the harmony of the face and lips.

Babies born with rabbit lips can also benefit from this surgery when they are three months old. Only the doctor can decide on the operation of babies. In them, both muscle and skin repairs are made and the process is completed with sutures. After the operation, babies can be fed intravenously for a while and experience restlessness for a while. They should be treated sensitively and strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Lip Aesthetics Operation and Temporary Processes

When it comes to lip aesthetics, the first thing that comes to mind is lip augmentation. But the event is not limited to this, as we mentioned above. Sometimes an operation may be required by making an incision. Whatever is to be done should be done by an experienced surgeon or doctor. Even if only the filling will be done, the choice of the doctor is important. Because some fillings do not give natural results and can cause serious problems if not done properly.

Lips are one of the most important organs that determine our face shape. They have an important part in making our face look graceful and beautiful. If there are problems with the lip, they must be solved carefully. Although it is necessary to make only the filling process and make the lips clear, this operation must be done carefully. Thick and prominent lips are preferred by women, and thin lips by men. Both are important for a person’s well-being and psychology. It is also seen that individuals who have lip augmentation gain psychological self-confidence.

Problems such as rabbit lip are much more serious and can also affect situations such as speaking and eating. Rabbit lip surgery is an important operation, regardless of who is performed on an adult or baby, and the experience of the physician is important. Before such applications, a research should be done on the doctor and the hospital.

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