How Much is Lip Filling?

Lip filling is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic process because it takes a short time and is considered as one of the simpler aesthetic operation. Although it is a simple process, a clinic or health center that meets the necessary conditions and has certificates should be selected before having it done.

Sometimes, even a very simple aesthetic process can put health at risk if it is not performed by an expert hand. In the news, we sometimes warn about lip filling, which deforms the shape of the lips and the results are very bad. In order not to take such a risk, it is important to choose a health center and specialist doctor. In addition, the natural and beautiful appearance of the results depends on it.

How is Lip Filling Made?

The filler used in lip augmentation is a substance called hyaluronic acid, which is already produced in a certain amount in our body. This substance is a type of acid produced by artificial means, which makes the skin look elastic, moist and vibrant. Just like collagen, the production of hyaluronic acid decreases as we age. The moisture balance of the skin is disturbed, loss of volume, sagging and wrinkles occur. In addition, some people may be unlucky in terms of congenital lips.
Some lips are structurally thin and indistinct and this can be a serious problem, especially for women. When our lips lose their volume, we can add hyaluronic acid to make them look fuller. Since it is a filling material that is completely compatible with the skin, our lips will absorb this substance after a while and add it to its natural structure.

How Are Lip Filling Prices Determined?

Lip augmentation is generally done with the help of a very thin-tipped needle. But which parts of the lip and how it will be done may vary from doctor to doctor. As we said above, the important thing is to apply to a good place and to have it done by an experienced specialist.
Prices are determined according to the details of the filling process and the materials used. Therefore, it is very difficult to determine a clear price for lip augmentation. The price also varies depending on the health institution and clinic preference. However, resorting to an unreliable place to keep prices low can have dangerous consequences.

What Is Done Before Lip Filling?

After applying to a reliable health institution, the doctor carefully examines the people who want to have this procedure, and the lip structure and shape are examined. It decides how much filling material will be used in which areas. The patient may also be presented with images of how their lips will look before the procedure.
It will be healthier for the patient and the doctor to decide together how full the lips will be. Then, an examination is made on issues such as the drugs used by the patient and whether he smokes or not. Even if he smokes, it is recommended that he quit smoking for a while. Because smoking is one of the factors that reduce the success of aesthetic applications.

Lip Filling Application

On a specified day, the patient comes to the clinic and prepares for the procedure. Half an hour before the procedure, the patient is given a cream that numbs the lips. This cream will have an anesthetic effect and will prevent the patient from experiencing pain during the procedure.
Then, lip augmentation is performed with a very narrow needle. After the procedure, the patient should not eat or drink anything for at least two hours. In addition, during this period, he should not smoke and avoid movements and facial expressions that will force his lips. It’s best to stay away from these as well, as they will affect the sauna and prolonged pooling fillers.

Edema and Swelling After Lip Filling

As after all aesthetic applications, mild swelling, bruising and pain are experienced after lip augmentation. Pain relievers can be used. Swelling of the lips is not a scary situation and is generally considered normal. In fact, this swelling continues for a while and sometimes the lips may not recover for up to two weeks.
As long as there is no excessive bruising and pain, these are among the normal conditions. One of the procedures that can be done to the lips to reduce the swelling is the cold press application. Especially in the days immediately after the application, the patient can cold press their own lips.

Lip Filling Results

The lips of a person who has lip augmentation gain volume and their lip gets a brand new look. The contour lines of the lip become prominent and become much fuller. If a numbing cream doesn’t work, a numbing injection can also be given to the lip. In this way, the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. The filler injected into the lip is manually shaped by the doctor.
If the injection is given, one percent numbness will occur and this will last for about four. It is possible that the lips will not look normal before ten or fifteen days. The swelling will decrease from about the tenth day. A successful and experienced doctor can fill in accordance with the shape of the face. The results will be much more successful accordingly. The experience of the specialist plays a big role in obtaining positive results in aesthetic operations and interventions.

How Many Types of Lip Fillers is there ?

There are different types of lip augmentation made to make the lips fuller. These include filling types such as classical style, Hollywood style, Hera type, Eros type and Rubina type. Which of these types to do is decided according to the face and lip type of the patient. One of the things that affect lip augmentation prices is the lip augmentation style.

Is Lip Filling Permanent?

Lip augmentation can be done in different ways, both permanently and temporarily. Permanent fillers, which do not have much risk, help maintain the shape of the lips for a much longer time. One of the non-permanent fillings is Aphrodite lip filling and it is the most preferred filling type in this field. This filling process, which is performed with local anesthesia and takes a very short time, can be repeated once or twice a year. Juvaderm lip augmentation, which is completed in a few sessions, is mostly done to remove wrinkles on the lips and to give them a much smoother way. Permalip is one of the methods that permanently plump the lips. In this method, it is entered from the edge of the lip and a filling is placed in the middle of the lip. Such options can also change prices.

Why is Lip Filling Important?

Sometimes you can get information that lip augmentation can be done even from hairdressers. But lip augmentation should not be done in such unreliable places. Health centers with certificates and specialist physicians should be selected. Although it is a short procedure, if it is not done as it should be, it can cause both pain to the patient and a bad image. Even if it is done by a specialist and experienced doctor, the result is fuller and voluminous lips that look much more natural.

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