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How Much Does Botox Cost?

There is many misinformation about Botox which is one of the most preferred rejuvenation methods by women. One of the misunderstandings about Botox is that its harmful for the body. As the matter of fact If Botox is done properly, is an aesthetic application that does not harm either the face or the body. It is also very preferred because it is a very short and practical procedure. It is becoming more common day by day and is getting done by most women. You can find the basic information about Botox and common questions in this article.

What Is Botox?

Botox is a transparent substance that should be stored under special conditions. It is not considered as a filler, after it is injected into the body, it is excreted by sweating and disappears completely after a while. The main function of this substance is to cut the connection between muscles and nerves.

Why Is Botox Done?

The muscles on our face are constantly stimulated and contracted by nerves. This causes them to deform and weaken over time. After the Botox substance is injected, the connection between the muscle and the nerve is cut and it cause the muscles stimulation stop and It becomes easier for unstimulated muscles to protect themselves. The main reason of doing Botox is to protect the facial muscles and to prevent them from becoming obscure due to the effects of aging and gravity.

Where Is Botox Getting Injected?

Botox is getting injected to the face and neck area. But most doctors recommend this application to be done more on the upper parts of the face. One of the most popular areas recently is eyebrows. Thanks to Botox, women can make their eyebrows more lifted. Wrinkles in the forehead area, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth can also be removed with botox. After botox is applied to these areas, the muscles in these areas are less stimulated and the face preserves its youth for a longer period of time.

Who Can Do Botox?

Botox is not recommended for people with muscle disorders, as it is an application to the muscles. In addition, it is recommended to people using antibiotics wait for a while and then do the Botox injection. Pregnant and breast-feeding women should also wait for passing their condition in order to inject Botox. Apart from those mentioned conditions, every woman over the age of 25 can have Botox at any age. The process can be repeated as many times as you want. But in general, it is not recommended more than twice a year.

Are Botox Prices High?

The more widespread an aesthetic procedure becomes, the lower its price will be. Since it is one of the most common applications in recent years, Botox prices are now at a level that most people can afford. But it is difficult to give a specific price, because each health center may apply a different price on this procedure. However, the details during the injection also cause the prices to change.

The important issue is that no one should have this application done in an unreliable place due to the low prices. Although it does not have many side effects and is a very simple application, if an inexperienced person makes Botox, you may face problems like facial paralysis.

Is Botox Can Get Injected Regularly?

After Botox, a special substance, is applied to our face, it starts to be absorbed over time and removed from the body as we sweat. It is completely excreted from the body within seven or eight months. Its effect can last for approximately eight months, with at least six months. There is no harm in repeating it regularly. A reliable clinic and a specialist doctor can do the treatment for you again.

In general, many women can make their face look younger by getting Botox twice a year and it will be much more effective to act in early ages and get the Botox injections regularly.

Is Botox Effective?

Botox is one of the most effective procedures for face. It is a powerful application that affects the structure and stimulation of the muscles and simply removes the wrinkles and It would be very effective if it is getting done regularly by an experienced doctor in this field in a certified health center.

Does Botox Change Your Face?

If the Botox dosage is not adjusted well, it can cause permanent damage to the face. Adjusting the dosage and the details of the procedure should be done by a doctor who has a good knowledge of the subject. One of the most common concerns about Botox is the dulling and deterioration of facial expression. This can only happen if it is done by someone inexperienced and unable to adjust the dosage carefully. In order to prevent this, you should pay attention to choosing the right doctor and hospital.

Can We Stop Aging Process Of Our Face?

All women want to have a young, fresh and radiant face. But for this, there are points to be considered and actions to be done regularly. The face should be cleaned and moisturized regularly. Sunscreen should be used both in summer and winter to protect against sun rays that accelerate aging. Smoking and alcohol should be avoided as much as possible or should at least be reduced. It would be better if facial yoga movements were also done to protect the health of the face. But none of these stops aging. Eating healthy and exercising are necessary for everyone, but not enough. Sometimes injections such as Botox can be used. Such aesthetic interventions do not stop the aging process, but it gives very successful results in delaying aging effects.

Botox Injections Results

Botox gives very successful results if the doctor’s recommendations are followed and the patient’s general health is normal. Before the procedure, the doctor’s recommendations should be followed. Careful attention should be paid to medications that should be stopped. Even if you leave the hospital on the same day after the procedure, it would be better if you avoid the pool and sauna, skin care, eyebrow removal and similar activities for a while. Heavy sports or being too tired for a week should also be avoided. If these are taken into consideration, Botox is very effective and gives good results.

Age Limit For Botox

Although the minimum limit for Botox is 25, there is no such thing as a maximum limit. Any woman who wishes can have it done at a later age. But the point to be considered is not to be too late for this procedure and to have it done regularly. In general, most celebrities keep their youth by doing it regularly. A woman who has regular treatment and follows the doctor’s recommendations will see the benefits of Botox.

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