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How Long Does Lip Filling Works?

Those who have congenitally ambiguous and thin lips, those whose lip lines and lips have become unclear over the years, and those who have lip edge problems can have more voluminous and beautiful-looking lips by having lip augmentation. The appearance of the lips is important for women, because the difference between thin and voluminous lips and more voluminous lips is much greater than it is thought.
During the lip augmentation process, a substance called hyaluronic acid, which increases the moisture rate and elasticity of the body, is used in general. This substance is naturally absorbed by the body after a while. Therefore, the process does not cause any harm to our body. The results of the lip augmentation process will be much more successful and positive if it is done in a place where specialist and experienced doctors who meet the necessary health conditions and have certificates work.

Who Can Apply for Lip Filling Procedure?

There may be patients of all age groups who want to change the shape of their lips and want to have more voluminous lips. This aesthetic application has become an application that more and more people have done. Adult women who are uncomfortable with their lips and who do not have any sensitivity to anesthesia can have this procedure.

Details of Lip Filling Process

The doctor of a person who decides to have lip augmentation may ask him to stop smoking or using some drugs for a certain period of time. Before the procedure, the patient’s facial features and lips are examined and it is decided how the procedure will be done. The patient is also informed about how it will look after the procedure.
Before the procedure, an anesthetic and a cream that numbs the area is applied to the lip. However, some patients’ lips may be more sensitive and sometimes numbing needles are used due to the shape of the procedure. Thus, the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. The filler is injected with a very thin tip and at the same time the doctor shapes the lip.

Lip Filling Swelling

A facial numbness may be felt for three or four hours immediately after the procedure. It is quite natural to see a slight bruising and swelling on the lips. However, if there is excessive pain, redness and bruising, any problem can be mentioned.

A period of ten or fifteen days is required for the swelling of the patient’s lips to subside. At the end of this period, the lips gain a normal and natural appearance. It has much more distinct lines and a distinct appearance than before. The success of the filling process depends on the expertise of the doctor. If it is done in accordance with the face, lip augmentation gives much more successful results.

How Many Lip Filling Applications?

The price of lip augmentation and how permanent it will be varies depending on the type of application to be made. One of the most permanent applications is Permalip lip filler application. During this application, the lip is anesthetized with local anesthesia and a procedure that takes about half an hour is performed. During the procedure, an area of one or two millimeters is opened from the edge of the lips and a filler is placed from the area opened from there to the middle of the lip. Later, the lip edges can be closed with stitches that dissolve over time.

The preferred lip filler for very wrinkled lips is Juvaderm application. During this application, hyaluronic acid, which will make the lips look smooth and full afterwards, is injected into the lips in a few sessions. This is the most commonly used filler in lip augmentation, however, in very exceptional cases, a different filler can be used.

Permanent Lip Filling Application

There is also a more permanent lip filling application for those who do not want to repeat this process constantly. This application, which has a distinctive shape, ensures that the appearance of the lips is preserved much longer than others. The possibility of side effects for this application, which can be done by almost every age group, is very low.

Aphrodite lip augmentation is another application that is the most preferred among lip applications and lasts less than permanent lip fillings. This application, the results of which can be seen in the shortest time, is completed within fifteen or twenty minutes and adds volume to the lips by making the lip lines clear.
Choosing Lip Filling Format

Determining which filler will be more suitable for you is a choice to be decided between the doctor and the patient. During this selection, the doctor makes a decision considering the patient’s mouth and lip structure. It is mostly up to the mistake to decide which of the more permanent or temporary lip filling applications to decide. Lip augmentation prices also differ according to these choices and changes. The patient makes a choice according to both the structure of his lips and his budget. To get the best results, the doctor’s recommendations should be taken into account.

Why Are Plump Lips Important?

Our lips are organs that have a very important place in the shape and appearance of our face, although we are not very aware of it. The shape of the lips is very important for women because full and voluminous lips can make the face look much more lively and youthful. A choice should be made without exaggeration about the filling and according to the doctor’s recommendations.
The doctor’s decisions should also be followed regarding the density of the lip filling. If all these are done properly, lip augmentation results will occur as desired. Otherwise, you may have lips that look bad and do not heal easily. Therefore, it will be beneficial to pay attention to the clinic and doctor selection and the doctor’s recommendations.

Lip Filling Areas

The main goal and area of lip augmentation is to shape the lips. Plumping and adding volume is also one of the goals of lip augmentation. Another aim is to determine the upper line of the lips and to make the contour more prominent. Another area of use for lip augmentation is the removal of sagging on the edge of the lip.
Making the lines around the lips prominent and removing wrinkles on the lips are also among the reasons why patients have lip augmentation. This and many similar problems can be solved with lip augmentation.

Volume Gaining Process of Body

The past years lead to loss of volume in most parts of our body. Some areas may be more saggy, indistinct, and full of wrinkles. Lips are one of these areas. As we age, hyaluronic acid, one of the important sources of our body and skin, decreases.
The reduction of this acid causes the lips to lose volume and become ambiguous. Lip augmentation is an application that contributes to the reduction of such effects. Sometimes it can be done permanently and sometimes to be repeated every few years. Those who want to have it done should decide together with their doctor how it will be done.

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