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How Long Does Abdominoplasty Take to Heal?

Despite diet and sports, people who do not get rid of the fat and weight in the abdomen have tummy tuck surgery. Even if the person is very thin, there may be fat accumulation in the abdomen. The reason for this is regional weight gain. Although there is thinning in the abdomen when sports are done for a long time, this will be a long-term event.

For this reason, more surgery is preferred. At the same time, the best solution for sagging in the abdominal region due to weight gain and loss and postpartum sagging is possible with stretching operation. Recently, women prefer this method a lot. Likewise, men often have this operation. It is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgeries, especially in the post-pregnancy period in women.

Although it is a surgical operation, it stands out because it is an extremely easy and fast operation. People who want to have tummy tuck surgery must be in a certain age group. Recovery time is very short. At the same time, severe pain is not felt after the surgery.

What is Abdominoplasty?

Recently, it is one of the most preferred plastic surgeries especially by postpartum women. This procedure, called abdominoplasty in medical language, is a surgical operation. This stretching procedure, which has been done more recently than even the liposuction, provides a flatter appearance by recovering the sagging skin. At the same time, it is the best way to get rid of the fatty tissues that have become permanent in the abdomen.

It is one of the most effective methods. After pregnancy, women face problems such as sagging of the abdominal muscles and deformation of the skin. The most effective method in such situations is the stretching method. The sagging belly skin recovers and becomes more vigorous than before. As a result of constant weight gain and loss, sagging occurs in the abdomen.

In this case, the most ideal method is the stretching method. By making the connective tissues in the abdomen stronger, better adhesion of the skin to the abdominal wall is ensured. It is possible to achieve a flatter and healthier abdomen appearance with a single operation. For this reason, it is one of the most preferred methods especially by post-pregnancy women.

How is Abdominoplasty Performed?

Abdominoplasty, which is a surgical operation, is performed after a detailed examination by the doctor. First, the doctor checks from which area the fat will be taken and the patient’s health status. Fat begins to be removed from the stitch scars of women who have had a cesarean section. At the same time, since the sagging is more in this region, this part of the skin is also stretched.

During stretching and the procedure, the entire skin on the upper part of the belly button is pulled downwards and the stretching process is performed. After this process is done, the belly button should be brought to the appropriate place. If there is excess fat while the loose or sagging skin is stretched, these fats are removed from the abdomen with Liposuction. It is then stitched for recovery.

It is extremely important for this stitch to be an aesthetic stitch. In order to avoid scars, it is necessary to have aesthetic stitches. Since it is an operation that does not take long and is not complex, people have the operation with peace of mind. There are many things to consider after tummy tuck surgery. After following these rules, it is possible to recover in a short time.

How Many Hours Does Abdominoplasty Take?

It is very curious how long it will take after tummy tuck surgery. This period varies depending on the course of the surgery and the person. If it is desired to give an average time, it can be said that it varies between 3 and 4 hours. In addition to the stretching process, this period may be longer if it is to be performed in operations such as liposuction.

People with a lot of sagging may have a longer stretching operation. However, for people with smaller sagging, the operation is completed in less than 3 hours, in approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. The factors affecting the duration of the operation vary depending on the doctor’s expertise, whether the stitches will be aesthetic or not, the suture technique to be applied, the amount of fat accumulation and sagging in the abdomen. This plastic surgery is mostly performed under general anesthesia. People who want to have this surgery should turn to specialist physicians and hospitals with equipment.

How Is The Recovery Process After Abdominoplasty?

After the tummy tuck surgery, which lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours, the healing process begins. After the operation, the patient should stay in the hospital between 1 day or 2 days. It is necessary to wear an abdominal corset recommended by the doctor in order to protect the abdominal region and relieve edema after the surgery. This corset should stay on the abdomen in the morning and evening and this situation should continue for 1 month. It is possible to see without support after surgery.

However, there should be no blow to the abdomen and heavy work should not be done. It is normal to feel pain in the abdomen for a certain period of time due to a complex operation. It is possible to alleviate these pains with the painkillers recommended by the doctor. In order to take a bath, it takes two or three days from the operation to take a bath. It is normal to feel pain when sneezing and coughing, as many stitches will form in the abdomen. Since it is not right to start work immediately after this surgery, a rest period of around 8 weeks is required. In order to return to daily life, 4 days must pass after the operation.

How to Experience Pregnancy After Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty, which is performed by many women, leaves a question mark in mind. One of the question marks is how the pregnancy will be experienced after this surgery. This surgery is not one of the conditions that affect pregnancy or post-pregnancy. For this reason, it is possible to have surgery with peace of mind. It is not a problem for post-surgery women to become pregnant after the healing process is complete.

However, problems can arise when pregnant before the healing process is completed. When such a problem occurs, you should immediately notify your doctor. Being pregnant at least 1 year after the stretching surgery was determined as the ideal time. It is determined when the people who will have tummy tuck surgery will become pregnant and this surgery is performed within this scope.

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