How Long Does a French Lift Last?

One of the aesthetic operations that have started to be heard a lot lately is the French lift. This procedure, which does not carry any incision or risk, is an effective process for the recovery of sagging on your face. As a non-surgical face lift technique, this practice, which has recently become widespread among celebrities, has a large number of followers.

Although another name is dynamic lift, it is now called by this name because it was started to be applied in France and developed there. Especially the lower part of the face, the lateral parts of the chin and the sagging of the neck can be removed with this method. The results look both successful and natural. Therefore, one of the most popular aesthetic process of the last period is the French lift.

The Ropes Used in Suspend

As the name suggests, this method is made to the face with some threads. These threads, which are made without the need for any incision, are produced from a special material that will not harm the skin. In general, they are coated with polyester inside and silicone outside. There are more flexible varieties as well as slightly thicker varieties.

Thanks to these threads, the sagging on the face is pulled upwards and the face is given a more fit and fuller appearance with the suspension method. Over the years, one of the most important signs of aging on our face is the downward sagging of our face. Many people are frightened by this situation and become extremely uncomfortable. The French sling is an aesthetic but non-surgical process developed especially against this problem.

Who is Suitable for the French Lift ?

The French lift, which can be done for all women and men, is an effective method for anyone who has sagging on their face and is constantly disturbed by it. Since there is no need for surgery, it has become one of the methods used by more and more people in recent years. French sling is becoming more and more popular day by day, as it removes the sagging problem, which is one of the most important signs of aging, in a short time and without surgery.

Can the French Lift Be Used for anouther Process Out of Sagging ?

The most preferred reason for the French lift is to remove the sagging on the face. But apart from that, the area where it is used the most is patients with facial paralysis. Patients with facial paralysis can be treated effectively in this way. The ropes used in the prodecure are flexible. These threads can adapt to facial mimic movements. Adaptation to mimics is also one of the reasons why the method is more preferred. Because in this way, sagging is removed and facial paralysis can be treated without requiring surgery and without a dull expression on the face. One of the most feared aspects of aesthetic process is the dull expression on the face, but such a thing does not occur as a result of the French lift.

How Durable Are The Ropes?

French lift ropes, which are fully compatible with our face and body, are approximately five times more durable than other ropes. The substances and silicone in it make the threads last for a long time. In addition, these threads have a very high tensile strength and are very effective in preventing the saggy appearance of the face, as they have a serrated structure. There is no risk of breaking the threads in any way and it has no negative effects on facial expressions.

Is the French Lift as Effective as Plastic Surgery?

Loss of facial volume and a downward tendency happens to everyone over the years. No one wants to face such a problem. Deterioration in the quality of the skin, loosening and sagging create problems for both women and men. However, surgical operations on facelift scare some people. Not everyone wants to have this done because it is both costly and the healing process is long. Other simpler methods will not be effective for a long time. These two factors were taken into account when developing the French lift
. It was developed as a facelift method that is both less risky and quick to heal and long-lasting. Therefore, it can meet the needs of many people.

How Long Does a French Lift Last?

In the French lift, the doctor first examines the patient and determines which areas should be treated. Then, local anesthesia is made to the patient. After anesthesia, this process is completed within 45 minutes or an hour. The regions where the ropes will be placed and the suspension process will be made must be determined in advance. The ropes are placed in the determined places by pulling them under the skin, that is, by hanging them.

Since one end of the threads will be placed on the area of our head just above the ear, there is no need for incisions and stitches. The effect of this process and the duration of the lift differ according to the skin structure and age of the person. French sling, which has an effect for at least one or two years, can be effective on facial sagging for up to three years if it is supported with facial yoga and various massages. But this period varies from person to person and sometimes it can be shortened.

Post French Strap

As after all surgical operations and processes, a medication list is given to the patient to avoid infection after the French sling. One day is enough for the patient to return to his normal life. Post-suspension pain, mild swelling and bruises are common problems. Using painkillers and making ice compresses is sufficient for these problems.

In the first week, the patient should not move his mouth a lot and avoid excessive mimics. Lying face down and rubbing the face hard for about a month can lead to negative consequences. Although the effects begin to be seen slightly in the first days, it takes two or three months to see the full effect of this procedure. But your close circle may notice this change in a very short time.

French Lift and Aging

Aging is an unstoppable process that is the inevitable end of everyone. It is natural for the face and different parts of the body to sag over time with the effect of gravity. This process can be slowed down but definitely not stopped. Those who need a much more precise and effective solution to slow it down may also opt for a surgical operation. But one of the second-degree, most effective and harmless methods that can be an alternative to this is the French lift.

With some simple movements and face yoga exercises rather than cosmetic products, sagging on the neck and face can be reduced to some extent. But since it is not possible to stop them, we have to get used to the change of our body. We can only do our best not to accelerate the aging process. French lift is one of the things we can do. However, regular exercise, avoidance of smoking, alcohol, sugar, and a healthy diet are other options for slowing down aging.

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