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How is Breast Lifting Performed?

One of the most important parts of women’s body is their breasts. Having full and prominent breasts is not a simple matter for women. Sometimes the problem may be the size of the breast or excessive sagging or even size. No matter what, most women who want to be satisfied with their breasts apply to breast lift operations every year.

Before the operation, the patients are informed about the risks, breastfeeding status and anesthesia. In such operations, health centers with reliable and experienced doctors should definitely be consulted. Patients should not take any risks in this regard. The name given to these surgeries in general is mastopexy. This means making the breast more upright and shaped without reducing the breast volume.

Breast Lift Methods

Various methods are used in breast lift surgeries. One of them is selected according to the needs of the patient and the structure of the breasts. If the patient wishes, reduction or enlargement and lifting can be done with changes to be made in the volume of the breast. It can be preferred in operations such as lollipop lifting, partial mastopexy, Benelli lifting around the breast.

If breast volume is desired, this can sometimes be done with the fat taken from the patient and sometimes with prosthesis. In some operations, a scar is left under the breast. There are also operations and methods that are performed with an inverted T or just a straight line under the breast. The patient can decide which of them to choose together with the advice of the doctor.

How is Breast Lift Performed?

In cases such as sagging and size, first of all, the patient’s excess fat is removed and a recovery process is performed. In this type of surgery, the location of the nipple may also change. What kind of scar will remain after the surgery may vary according to the size of the sagging breast. However, there is usually a scar that is hidden in the bikini area and is not very obvious.

Over time, this scar turns pink and its effect decreases. It is not possible to lift a sagging breast with sports or cosmetic products. However, breast lift is possible with methods such as prosthesis or fat injection applied during breast lift surgery.

Who Can Have Breast Lift Surgery?

Anyone with sagging breasts can have breast lift surgery. But for the size of the sagging, it is necessary to consult with the doctor before the operation. If there is a small degree of sagging, it is decided according to the doctor’s advice. In case of moderate sagging, it should be taken into account that there will be no more scars. However, if the sagging is excessive, the patient should accept that a certain scar will remain.

After the surgery, the breasts get a much more fit and fuller appearance and the problem of sagging disappears. If the patient is planning to become pregnant, she can consult her doctor about the location of the milk glands. But now, such surgeries can be performed without damaging the mammary glands. However, it is better to do it after the pregnancy and lactation periods are completed. Because in some cases, even if the nipple is shifted, there may be a problem of not being able to breastfeed again.

Things to Do Before Breast Surgery

Patients should first find a hospital or health center where a specialist and experienced doctor in this field undergoes surgeries. Before the operation, a private meeting with the doctor should be made. If the patient is over forty years old, tests such as mammography and ultrasonography may also be required. If the patient smokes, it is necessary to quit for a certain period of time before the operation.

In addition, a detailed inquiry should be made about the drugs he is using and his medical history. The operations are performed between two or four hours and under general anesthesia. The doctor decides before the operation whether fat injection or prosthesis will be attached to the patient and these details are also discussed with the patient.

Postoperative Recovery

After breast lift surgery, the patient immediately begins to treat their breasts with ice compresses. She may also be asked to wear something similar to a sports bra for a period of time. There are thin bands on the sutures and these need to be removed according to the doctor’s advice.

The drains placed in the chest against the possibility of leakage and bleeding remain in the patient for approximately two days. It is also normal for the patient to have swelling and pain in the breasts for a while. He should also avoid doing any heavy sports for a period of time.

After eight or ten weeks, the breasts begin to take their original shape. Pushing anything, lifting weights and sexual intercourse are among the things that should be avoided for a while right after the surgery.

Post-Surgery Side Effects

Although it is not very common after breast lift surgery, infection may occur in patients. Doctor checks should be done regularly for infections that may occur in the chest. In some patients, an effect such as hematoma, which means the accumulation of blood in the chest, is also seen.

Such problems can be solved by doctor control and careful examinations. If the patient is careful and follows the advice given, such problems are not seen much and after eight weeks, he can return to his normal life with his new breasts.

What to Do After the Surgery

If breast lift surgery is performed on a small scale, the patient does not need to rest for a long time. However, anyone who has had this operation should spend the first week completely resting. If possible, this process can be extended to two weeks. Moving the arms and lifting weights are inconvenient for a while after the surgery. Driving a car is also not recommended. Care should be taken when moving the arms again and should be done slowly. The patient’s breasts may feel heavy at first, but this feeling will decrease over time.

The initial pain will also decrease over time. Nipples become completely insensitive in some patients, while in others they may be much more sensitive. All kinds of heavy exercises and sports should be avoided until the doctor removes the bandages. The doctor will determine when to remove the bandages and how often to wear the sports bra. Following the doctor’s advice on these issues ensures that the results of the surgery are more successful.

Recommendations for Breast Lift Surgery

Anyone who wants to have a breast lift operation should first consult with a specialist and experienced physician. The sagging condition of the breasts is decided together with the specialist. In addition, the patient decides on the type of surgery and the applications to be made together with the doctor.

No decision can be made with a physician who is not an expert in this field or has little experience and no procedure should be performed. The patient should strictly follow the advice given by the doctor both before and after the operation. As long as these are taken care of, the surgery is very successful and gives successful results.

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