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How Botox Is Getting Injected?

Botox is one of the most unknown aesthetic applications. The most common concern about Botox is that it destroys the facial expressions and leaves a dull expression on the face. But this occurs as a result of Botox application in the wrong dosage and not done properly. Botox actually affects the muscles, not the facial expressions. It prevents deterioration in the muscles that tend to weaken over the years. This is the main application purpose of Botox.

Why is Botox Getting Done?

The muscles in our body tend to weaken and deteriorate over time. Having a high muscle ratio is both a sign of youth and being healthy. The muscles on our face also deteriorate over time with the effect of both aging and gravity. The main reason for this deterioration is the continuous transmission of effects from other places to the muscles via nerves. Here, botox is actually to break this connection and ensure that the muscles are not affected too much. In this way, it protects the muscles and prevents their weakening.

What Is Botox?

Botox is an aesthetic intervention applied especially to the neck and face area. It is preferred by many women because it is a non-surgical and very practical rejuvenation method. In general, the areas between the eyebrows, around the eyes, around the mouth, neck, forehead and chin are the most applied areas. In recent years, most women have had botox to raise their eyebrows. Botox is produced from a bacterium and It cannot be defined as a filler. It cuts the muscle and nerve connection where it is injected.

How Does Botox Affect The Face?

Botox is applied on small muscle bundles on the face and prevents the muscles from constantly moving. Its function is to prevent the nerve from transmitting anything. In this way, wrinkles disappear in the area above the muscle bundle where it is applied and this area is recovered. The applied muscle bundles continue to work normally. Therefore, Botox does not have an effect like freezing the mimics.

How Is Botox Applied?

Botox is one of the most reliable aesthetic applications and its application is quite simple. Botox is injected into the face with very, very thin needles. This substance is very transparent and must be protected by a cold chain. It must be diluted before use. How much it will be diluted and how much it will liquefy depends on the doctor’s decision. The dilution rate will affect the density of the Botox substance.

Specialized and experienced doctors generally prefer to use a small amount of solvent during the reconstitution process. Anesthesia may not be required, but sometimes anesthetic creams are preferred. although no anesthesia is required, very small pain can be felt on areas that the substance getting contacted with. It is possible to return to normal life immediately after the application.

Is Botox Risky?

After the injection, small redness can be seen in the areas where botox is applied. Very few patients stated that they had a headache for a few hours. The interesting thing is that one of the areas where Botox is used is the treatment of migraine and headache. Botox has only very few side effects and is a simple application but at the same time it should definitely be done in a reliable hospital and by an experienced doctor.

If the application area spreads to different places, the problem of eyelid drooping may occur. It has also been observed that it causes facial paralysis at a very low rate. But these have been the result of the mistakes of doctors who are completely inexperienced and not experts in their fields. If the doctor is experienced in this regard, the risks and side effects seen in patients are almost non-existent.

What Should Be Considered While Deciding About Doing Botox?

Botox does not prevent aging but it helps protect and recover certain facial muscles. It is essential that the injecting doctor be accurate during the application. The most important point is the dilution of the Botox substance with the solvent and the injection process. Only an experienced doctor can dominate these two points, and if it is done by doctors who are experienced in this field, it will not have a negative result.

Botox or Collagen?

One of the words we hear most recently is collagen. Collagen is a substance that decreases over the years and fills the muscles in our body. Taking collagen-containing nutritional supplements for rejuvenation is very common recently, especially among women. If you are confused about something like taking a collagen supplement instead of Botox or having a collagen application on your face, you should first consult a specialist doctor who examines the structure of your skin and body and check your medical history and he will help you make the right decision about it.

Are the Effects of Botox Permanent?

One day after doing Botox, the effects on your face begin to appear slightly. These effects become more visible in about 72 hours. In a week or two, the swelling caused by the application on the face will also pass and your face will regain its original appearance. As a result of an injection session that lasts for fifteen or twenty minutes, your face can look much younger, and this youthful appearance will be effective for at least six months. The substance applied to your face during Botox is excreted from your body as you sweat over time. It may take about eight months to be completely eliminated from your body.

You can support the protection of your muscles with face yoga and massages. It is also important to eat healthy, sleep regularly and exercise to protect your skin. If attention is paid to such things, the effect of rejuvenation can be extended and you can have a wrinkle-free face for a much longer time.

Who Can Have Botox?

The minimum age limit for Botox has been determined as 25 years old. It is not recommended for ages below this unless there is a very special situation. There is no maximum age limit. Not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women. It can be done several times a year and is recommended time is the beginning of the summer season if possible. It is not recommended for people who have a macrobiotic infection or have problems with their muscles. It is also not recommended for people who use antibiotics or have any skin conditions. Apart from this, anyone can have it done because it is an application that does not carry much risk.

Is Botox Harmful?

Botox is not harmful as long as it is done several times a year and in the appropriate dose. If the doctor who performs the application is experienced, it will not have a negative effect on mimics and other muscles. There are many celebrities who keep their youth for a long time by having regular Botox. It will be better for patients to choose a good doctor and clinic in this regard and to do the injection regularly. It is a practical rejuvenation method especially for women after the age of forty.

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