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Does Botox Have Any Harm?

Botox can be considered as one of the alternative ways to medicine methods or aesthetic interventions, which generally applied to the neck and face area. The goal of Botox is to cut the connection between the muscle and nerve in the area where it is injected. As our muscles are constantly stimulated by nerves, its tissue expands and weakens. As a result, a loosening and wrinkle may occur in the muscular area.

when Botox is applied, the constant stimulation and relaxation of the muscle by the nerve is prevented. Wrinkles and loosening in this area are reduced and a younger look can appear. Botox, which also can be used as a method to prevent sweating, other than preventing the wrinkles, does not cause any harm to health when applied properly, but in some rare cases, there are also few risks.

Things To Consider About Botox

Someone who decides to do Botox should pay attention to choosing the doctor and clinic first. Botox can only be beneficial if it is done by a specialist and experienced doctor. If it is applied by attention, it prevents the weakening of the muscles and since it prevents the signals transmitted to the muscles, it protects the muscles and corrects the lines and wrinkles on the face, and even prevents the reappearing the wrinkles for a while.

However, all of these benefits are possible if it is done by hands of a qualified and experienced doctor and in a certified health center or clinic. If it is done in an unsafe place, it has very serious dangers, even one of these dangers can be facial paralysis. That’s why anyone who is considering having it done should first find a good health center and a specialist doctor.

Botox Can Be Dangerous If It is Not Done by Experts

The substance injected into the face or elsewhere during Botox application is harmless to health and it is in a structure that skin can absorb it. This substance cannot be defined as a filler, but rather as a different substance suitable for cutting the connection between nerve and muscle. However, sometimes an extremely ineffective and even harmful substance can be injected into the muscles at some Botox centers because it is cheaper. In this case, Botox can damage the face and its muscles. After choosing a good Botox brand to be applied, the experience of the doctor for injecting it is important. Botox that is injected by inexperienced hands can sometimes leak close to the eyelid which causes the eyelids to droop.

Side Effects Of Botox

In general, Botox is a very beneficial procedure that can be applied to any person. However, if preliminary examinations are incompletely performed by a doctor who is not an expert in the field, problems such as collapse and redness may occur in the Botox applied area. Another side effect is headache. However, these side effects are not very common. Generally, If Botox is done by a professional and experienced doctor, the risk rate is very low.

When Can Botox Be Dangerous?

Someone who decides to do Botox, first should have a checkup with his doctor. In a reputable health center, a doctor will first meet with a patient because someone who decides to do this procedure must pass a preliminary examination. In addition, if there is a blood thinning drug or nutritional supplement used, they should be discontinued before the application. Stopping such drugs a few weeks or even a month before the procedure, gives better results for the patient. If the patient uses cigarettes and alcohol, they should stay away from them for a while as well.

An experienced plastic surgeon pays attention to the patient’s medical background, the type of the skin, and then take a decision for procedure after a checkup and evaluation. Also, a reliable health center pays attention to the Botox quality to be used during the application. A high quality and harmless to health Botox is necessarily to be used. Otherwise, the material applied to the skin may cause infection and other side effects.

Things To Do Before Botox

The person who is going to do Botox should stop using alcohol at least ten days before procedure. Aspirin and similar blood thinners should be stopped also. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should postpone this procedure. The person who will have it done should pay attention to his nutrition and should be well rested on the day of the application. Fatigue prevents the recovery and revitalization of the skin.

Considerations After Botox

Botox is a procedure that can be done in a short time and return to normal life on the same day. But it is not safe to do sports or be very tired for a few days after doing Botox. It would be good to stay away from sauna and pool for a few days also. And at last, it is necessary to wait for a while to go to the hairdresser, dye hair or remove eyebrows. It would be better to wait for a certain period of time for skin care and do make-up. Cosmetic products and sunscreens that your doctor confirms can be used without any concern. It is better to avoid being in sunlight for a few days.

Misconceptions About Botox

The most common misconception about Botox is that it will leave a dull expression on the face and destroy facial expressions but in fact if it is done properly, Botox has absolutely no such effect and it helps the muscle’s recovery and rejuvenation of the face. If the muscles in our body are not well taken care of, they will get weakened over time, but Botox prevents this weakening and it prevents the formation of wrinkles and lines on the face and neck. It is an procedure that prevents the signs of aging on the face in the fastest way.

How Long Botox Lasts?

Botox is getting injected to the face with very small needles. During the application, patients do not feel pain. The redness on skin and headache also do not last very long. usually only fifteen minutes is enough for this procedure. The effect is totally satisfactory according to the application time. Because Botox can make your face look younger for at least six months.

What Can Be Done For A Younger Skin?

A young and fresh skin and a face that does not sag and has its oval appearance and youth is the dream of almost every woman. It is also important for men to look younger. But aging is a process that everyone has go through naturally. We cannot completely eliminate the effects of this We can only slow it down. Botox is one of methods that can delay aging process. Botox is an economic procedure and side effects are not much, unless you have it done in a bad and unreliable place. The redness and swelling on the face will also disappear after a while. You can also look younger by skin care routines such as massaging your skin from time to time, facial yoga movements, Eating healthy, sleeping regularly and exercising and eventually delay the signs of aging process.

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