Chemical Peeling

Our skin has a structure that produces dead skin on its own. These dead skins come together with external factors and cause stains and pollution on the skin. For this reason, it is necessary to perform chemical peeling on the skin regularly. Thanks to these processes, the dead skin accumulated on the skin is removed and the skin becomes clean and healthier as before. With these procedures, which are much more comprehensive and professional than the peeling procedures performed at home, a serious cleansing and refreshment is experienced in the skin.

How Many Sessions of Chemical Peeling Should Be Made?

How many sessions should be applied in such procedures is usually decided according to the size of the skin problem. The more problematic the skin, the more peeling process is applied. The ideal number of applications is 6-7 sessions. When done regularly, the efficiency of the process will increase and much more successful results will be obtained.

To Whom Is Chemical Peel Applied?

Chemical peeling, which is very effective in beautifying the skin texture, is a procedure without side effects. Therefore, anyone can easily perform this procedure. Of course, where and how this process is done is an important issue. People must choose the correct address for this process. The procedure must be done by dermatologists who are experienced and experts in this field.

What Is Chemical Peeling?

Dead skin has an extremely unsightly appearance and brings with it many skin ailments. For this reason, people need to get rid of these dead skins regularly. We say regularly because unfortunately our skin keeps producing these dead skins constantly. Chemical peeling, which is one of the most important ways to get rid of dead skin, is a kind of skin peeling process applied to get rid of dead skin on the skin. It provides deep exfoliation and cleansing. Therefore, peeling is one of the most preferred skin care procedures.

In Which Areas İs Chemical Peeling Can Be Make?

One of the most important reasons why chemical peeling is so preferred is that there are many application areas. This process is preferred in many areas and in solving many problems. We would like to give information about what these areas are.
All kinds of stain treatment
Repairing fine and moderate wrinkles
Removing acne and acne scars
Treatment of acne and pimples
In shrinking pores
In facial asymmetries
Correction of rough skin structure
In general correction of the skin structure, restoring its brightness and obtaining a smooth appearance.
As you can see, chemical peeling is a very effective method in correcting many important skin problems.

How Is Chemical Peel Applied?

Before the procedure, the skin must be well examined and controlled. If the person’s skin is suitable for this process than chemical peeling is going to be made. After the control, all the processes are going to be carefully made. These steps are as follows;
First of all, the skin will be cleaned with a suitable solution and made ready for the procedure.
Afterwards, a chemical peeling product that does not harm the skin is applied.
The applied product should wait for a while on people’s skin. After this waiting process, the product is carefully peeled off the skin.
Here, the dead skin on the skin of the person is taken together with the product. The purpose of the process is to peel off these dead skins.
Chemical peeling is an extremely easy and risk-free procedure. If you think your skin needs it, you can definitely apply this process.

When Is It Done?

Chemical peeling, which is very effective in removing dead skin, is a process that can be done easily in all seasons. In addition, it has been observed that much more effective results are obtained by sleeping and resting after the procedure. In other words, when people who come to their home after the application sleep and rest, this will increase the effectiveness of the procedure. Apart from that, this peeling process can be done easily when desired. Chemical peeling is an easy and effective procedure that can be done at any time.

Why Should Chemical Peels Be Preferred?

Peeling is an extremely important process for people’s skin. Oil, dirt and dead cells accumulating on our skin must be removed from the skin at certain intervals. For this, people do peeling at home with their own efforts. However, it is not possible to obtain effective results from these peeling processes as in professional methods. With processes such as chemical peeling, skin cleansing can be achieved much more effectively. Therefore, it is highly preferred.
Many important skin problems can be prevented when such procedures are performed regularly. As a result, when the dead skin is removed from the skin regularly, a healthy and clean skin will be left behind. Therefore, this procedure should be done as often as possible. Even if you have the procedure done once, you will see how effective it is and you will not be able to give up on this process.

Where Is It Should Be Done?

Chemical peeling is performed in beauty centers, clinics and hospital settings. Although there are products that can be applied in some homes, we would like to say that these can have dangerous consequences. As a result, you can cause permanent damage to your skin. That’s why you need to get support from experts. The procedure must be performed by certified specialists in a proper clinical environment.
You can return to your daily life on the same day when you have peeling applied by experts in a good clinical environment. There are some important points that you only need to pay attention to after the procedure. We would like to inform you about what they are. Namely;
The crusts that may form on the skin after the procedure should not be peeled.
Creams recommended by your doctor should be used regularly.
It should be protected from the sun as much as possible and should not be directly contacted.
The issues to be considered after chemical peeling are generally like this. Other than that, the process is quite simple.

Peeling Price

The fee is going to be paid for the chemical peeling process is important most of the people are curious about it. Since this type of peeling process is going to be made as much as your skin needs so the prices willl be change according with the number of the sessions are going to be made on you. In other words, how much the person’s skin needs this procedure and how many sessions will be made will determine the total cost. Therefore, it is very difficult to give an exact price.
In this regard, it is much more accurate for people to be examined first to get information. Thus, they will be able to learn the number of sessions and procedures their skin needs. Since processes such as peeling make the skin texture very beautiful, people won’t need too much cosmetic and skin care products afterward. For this reason, the fee to be paid for chemical peeling make people advantageous. In other words, when you have this procedure, you will not need to spend extra money for your skin.

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