Carbon Peeling

Having beautiful and clear skin is everyone’s dream. The cleaner and better the skin looks, the better the person will feel. Therefore, it is extremely important to clean the skin. With the carbon peeling, there is a solution to acne scars, sun spots and various spots caused by aging on the skin. This process is used comfortably in the solution of many important problems on the skin. We would like to give you more detailed information about that.

Who can get Carbon Peeling Operation ?

Since this procedure is generally not risky and does not cause any harm, it can be made to everyone regardless of age and gender. Anyone who is bothered by the spots on their skin can easily apply for this procedure and benefit from the peeling. Repetitive applications will become much more effective over time and much more successful results will be obtained.

How Many Minutes Does Carbon Peeling Take?

As we mentioned before, carbon peeling is a simple process that takes a very short time. The total time for the procedure is usually around 30 minutes. This is because of the expecting time for the peeling driying. Otherwise, the time allocated to the process in general is not very long. In other words, you can easily get a smooth skin by taking an average of 1 hour.

What Is Carbon Peeling?

Our skin is quite vulnerable to external interventions. Sun, dust, make-up residues and aging, which is a natural problem of the skin, they cause various stains on the skin. All these factors cause the skin to become more oily, the pores to be more prominent and naturally look dirtier. Carbon peeling application is an effective process in eliminating all these problems on the skin. During the procedure, carbon components and laser are applied to the skin together. Efforts are made to effectively remove blemishes on the skin.

What Is The Benefit Of Carbon Peeling ?

The carbon peeling, which has a significant effect on skin blemishes, also has many important benefits. If we give information about what these benefits are.
It is effective in removing the spots on the skin due to aging and sun exposure.
It reduces the appearance of large pores on the skin.
It creates tension on the skin and prevents sagging.
It increases the collagen in the skin.
It helps to remove wrinkles.
It is effective in lightening the skin tone and restoring its brightness.
It prevents the skin from getting oily.
It cleans blackheads and prevents blackhead formation.
It prevents acne formation.
The application has many other important benefits. Especially when the process is applied at regular intervals, much more effective results are obtained.

On Which Skin Problems Is Carbon Peeling Effective?

Carbon peeling is a process that is effective on many skin problems. It can be easily for the treatment of common skin problems such as blemishes, wrinkles, blackheads and acne, and color inequalities on the skin.

How Is Carbon Peeling Made?

We would like to provide information on how we making peeling process, which has such a positive effect on the skin. The process steps, which takes a very short time, are as follows;
First, the skin is treated with a solution to clean it.
After the skin is cleaned, a peeling material with carbon particles, which will be used in the process and very beneficial for the skin, is going to be used.
Peeling is going to stay on the skin between 15 and 20 minutes to be absorbed precisely.
During the waiting period, this peeling dries up and what needs to be done after this is to make these carbons explode with the laser. Do not be afraid of the procedure performed here, because this is not a procedure that will harm your skin.
The carbon process is a fast and highly effective process. For this reason, it is often preferred.

Is Carbon Peeling A Painful Procedure?

Although products with a numbing effect are generally used in skin care processes, there is no need for such a thing for peeling because it is not a painful procedure. Although there is a very mild needle prickling sensation, there is no unbearable pain. You can have this procedure done painlessly with peace of mind.

What Are The Advantages Of Carbon Peeling?

Carbon peeling is a treatment that has significant effects on the skin. Besides the important effects of the process, there are also extremely important advantages. It is possible to rank them as follows:
As is known, some procedures cannot be applied in the summer months. However, carbon peeling can be easily applied in all seasons, regardless of summer or winter.
Its effect is quite high and visible differences appear even in the first application.
The person easily returns to his daily life after the procedure.
There is no scar or crusting on the skin after the procedure.
It is a very simple process that beautifies the skin very much.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

Carbon peeling, which has very important effects even in the first time, is made several sessions to get the best result. The ideal session interval for the procedure is 5-8. Of course, this may vary depending on the skin structure of the people and the size of the problems in general. Appropriate sessions are applied according to the needs of the people.

What Should Be Considered After The Procedure?

Although people can return to their daily lives immediately after carbon peeling, there are some important points that they should pay attention to.
People should definitely not take a hot shower on the day of the procedure.
Avoid extremely hot environments such as baths, saunas and solariums.
People should not be exposed to the sun directly as much as possible.
In case of crusting after the procedure, it should never be tried to peel them.
These are the points to be considered in general after the carbon application.

What Is The Price Of Carbon Peeling?

Naturally, one of the most curious issues regarding the carbon peeling process is the price. The fee to be paid for this process varies according to the number of sessions is going to be made. Therefore, in order to determine the price, first of all, people should come to the control and to see what is the respond of the skin after the peeling process.
Then, how many session will be made and the price will appear accordingly. The fee to be paid for the carbon process is much more affordable than the fee you pay for cosmetics and skin care products during the year. Therefore, this process is more advantageous in any case.

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