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Breastfeeding After Breast Lifting Surgery

Breast lift is one of the most applied aesthetic operations by women. One of the most important parts of looking healthy, feminine and beautiful for women is full and upturned breasts. Therefore, breast lift surgery for sagging breasts for various reasons is one of the surgical operations that many women apply every year. The number of women applying for this operation is increasing day by day. There are many confusing problems with surgery. You can find answers to some of them in this article. Breastfeeding is one of the most curious subjects, especially after breast lift.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

Breast lift surgery varies according to the degree of sagging of the breasts. Whether the breasts are sagging or not is determined by where the nipples are on the lower line where the breasts end. You have a first-degree sagging problem when it’s above and slightly below this line, a second-degree sag if below it, and a tertiary sagging problem far below it.

A small half-moon-shaped piece is taken around the nipple in first-degree sagging and a larger piece is taken in case of second-degree sagging, so that the breasts appear more lifted. In third-degree sagging that is very sagging, the incision is made larger in the form of a keyhole and then a light T-shaped scar is left.

Are Breast Lift Surgery Effective?

Breast lift is the only solution for women with sagging breasts. Women who do not have sagging yet can protect the form of their breasts by doing sports and some cosmetic products. But if sagging has started, the shape of the breasts does not change with sports or cosmetics and surgery is absolutely necessary. Breast lift surgery is an operation that gives effective results. Post-operative wounds heal in a longer or shorter time depending on the degree of sagging in the breasts and the size of the incision.

It is normal for the patient to have pain for a while after a breast lift. Your doctor will allow you to alleviate this process with painkillers. For a while, a bra is worn that does not tighten the breasts too much, but will help them recover. After a few weeks of recovery, the breasts gain a firmer and more upturned shape. How long the breasts will stay in this way is related to how the patient looks at his body. If she does not gain or lose a lot of weight and repeats some exercises regularly, the breasts can stay upright and shapely for a longer time.

Postoperative Breastfeeding

We may have heard some things that some people who have prostheses or silicone implants due to the uncertain breasts may have breastfeeding problems in the future. But this depends on how the surgery is done. There is no need to make any incisions in the mammary glands of the breasts during breast lift surgery. Thanks to advances in medicine, these surgeries are now performed more risk-free and easier. Therefore, there is no problem in breastfeeding after breast lift.

Some problems can be seen very rarely after the surgery. These are the necrosis problem of the nipple tissue or different problems related to the adipose tissue. There is a solution to these problems, which can be healed in a short time and are not a problem. It also rarely appears to have an effect on breastfeeding. It is also possible for the patient to plan the surgery after completing the pregnancy and breastfeeding periods.

Who Can Have Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift is a surgery that can be performed at almost any age. Some patients may encounter this problem at an earlier age due to breast form and genetic problems. Any patient who can remove the anesthesia can undergo this surgery.

Breast lift surgeries are operations performed under general anesthesia and the duration varies according to the degree of sagging of the breasts. If performed by experienced and professional doctors in a reliable health institution, they are not very risky and give successful results. In general, the sutures are completely removed within two weeks after the surgery.

A pink mark remains from the stitches and gradually becomes indistinct. However, patients who complain about the scar and think that it is obvious can have a different operation for it. It should not be forgotten that there will be a scar, albeit slight. After three or five days of dressing, the patient helps her to gain the form of her breasts by wearing a non-wired bra that will completely cover her breasts. It is normal to have edema in the breasts for a while. It takes up to ten weeks for these edemas to completely end and the breasts to take their full shape.

What Is Recommended Before Surgery?

If you apply to a health institution that meets the necessary conditions for surgery, your doctor will do some tests for you. In patients over the age of 40, sometimes the decision is made after mammography and ultrasonography are performed. It is recommended that you quit smoking and if you are using a blood thinner, about a month before the surgery. If you do not smoke for at least two or three weeks, the success of the surgery will increase. The patient should share all his/her health history and the medications and herbal supplements he/she uses with his/her doctor. It should be released before the operation, which the doctor deems appropriate.

Health Institution and Doctor Selection for Surgery

The success of surgical and aesthetic operations depends on the experience and expertise of the doctor. Therefore, a reliable institution should be chosen for such surgeries. No one should risk their health. Your doctor will advise you before surgery. After the surgery, you will see your doctor for dressing and treatment for a while. The choice of doctor and health institution is very important in order to be satisfied with the results and to minimize the risks.

Are Breast Lift and Augmentation Done Together?

Sagging breasts, which are mostly made up of fat, are sometimes accompanied by the problem of uncertainty. Women with small breasts may experience both indistinct and sagging breasts, especially after pregnancy. These problems can be solved together and in a single operation. You can also have a preliminary meeting with your doctor to get information about this operation. If there is a problem of smallness and uncertainty, a prosthesis or filling material can be added to the breasts during surgery.

Five Misconceptions About Breasts

There are five misconceptions that everyone has heard about breasts and breast lift surgery. The first of these is the rumor that you can lift your breasts by doing sports. However, it is not possible to bring the shapeless breasts to the desired shape with only sports. This also applies to cosmetic products. Breasts cannot be re-lifted with cosmetic products. It is also wrong that breasts have nothing to do with weight gain and loss and do not change shape.

Breasts change with pregnancy and weight gain. It is also wrong that women who move a lot will have more sagging. Because, depending on genetic characteristics and over the years, everyone’s chest changes whether they move or not. Finally, the information that the breast implant does not require lifting surgery is also incorrect. Even if you have implants, your breasts will need surgery. Breast lift surgeries are also among the surgeries that give successful results and are performed by many women.

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