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Breast Lifting Mastopexy

Breasts are one of the most important organs for a feminine and beautiful appearance. All women are sensitive about how their breasts look. Having full and fit-looking breasts is one of the most important key points of looking beautiful for a woman. However, there are no muscles in our breasts, and the breasts, which are mostly composed of sebaceous and milk glands, tend to lose their form over time due to different reasons and tend to sag downwards. Due to diseases such as excessive weight gain, loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding and breast cancer, the breasts may soften, lose their form and sag. In such cases, breast lift surgery is one of the best solutions.

Can Breasts Be Lifted With Exercise?

Some exercises can be recommended to make the breasts look more upright and fuller. However, these exercises make the breasts that have not sagged yet or very little sagging always look full and fit. If there is too much sagging and lubrication in the breasts, excessive weight gain or loss, or if there is a deterioration in the shape of the breasts as a result of several pregnancies, such exercises cannot solve the problem. In fact, the only effective treatment method that can be done in this case is breast lift surgeries.

Who Apply for Breast Lift?

If someone who complains about sagging and not full breasts wants to apply breast lift methods, they should first apply to a health center where experienced and professional doctors attend the surgery. Doctors examine the patient by conducting a preliminary interview. Whether the breasts are saggy or not is evaluated by looking at where the nipple is in the fold of the breast, that is, in the area where it ends. If the nipples are far below this area, the breasts are sagging. Apart from this, women with very deflated and indistinct breasts can also benefit from this surgery. Sometimes women experience breast loss due to illness and surgical operations. This is an important problem that affects a woman’s life and can be solved by surgical operations.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Decided?

In order to make a sound decision about surgery, a preliminary interview with a reliable doctor in a reliable institution is very important. It is not possible to raise a sagging breast with creams or exercises. However, the possible results of the surgery and the patient’s problems should be determined correctly and the doctor’s recommendations should be taken into account. If there is a very low level of sagging and the mammary glands are sufficient, the problem can be solved with a prosthesis placed just below these glands. If the sagging is more and the mammary gland is sufficient, both prosthesis insertion and reduction methods can be applied. In case of more saggy breasts and insufficient mammary glands, several different techniques can be used together to recover the breasts.

How to Prepare for Breast Lift Surgery?

Almost every woman can have breast lift surgery if she does not have a serious health problem. It is important to stay away from smoking and alcohol for a while before the surgery and to maintain a healthy life as much as possible for a more successful operation. A preliminary consultation with the doctor is important before the surgery, but the methods to be used in the surgery are mostly decided during the surgery. Since the experience of the doctor plays a huge role in the success of the surgery, finding a reliable health center and a reliable doctor is the first thing to do.

How is Breast Lift Performed?

No matter which method is used for breast lift, the patient should be under general anesthesia. These surgeries can take up to two or four hours. When deciding on the technique, whether the mammary gland is sufficient or not is taken into account. If the mammary gland is sufficient, the reduction method is generally not used. Women with very large breasts will have a burden on their shoulders, so their quality of life decreases. In such cases, breast reduction can be done. Generally, the mammary gland is not removed during surgery. If the mammary gland is insufficient, reduction techniques are used. Methods such as injecting fat into the breasts, placing prostheses and adding filling material can be used.

What Is Done After Breast Lift?

After a breast lift, ice compresses are recommended for a while to prevent swelling and pain, and some kind of sports bra should be worn for about two weeks. Thin bands are used as dressing only on the breasts. If the drain is placed, it is removed within two days after the surgery. In order to take a shower, it is expected that the drains should be removed and at least two days pass. It should take about two weeks for the stitches to be removed. Sometimes it may be necessary to wear a sports bra for up to two weeks, both to reduce pain and to make the patient feel better. It takes a month for the breasts to take their original shape and gain fullness.

Lactation and Pregnancy

With the developing surgical techniques, women are not expected to have any problems with breastfeeding or pregnancy after the surgery. In other words, after the operation, the patient can become pregnant and breastfeed the baby. However, if the doctor is interviewed, surgery is generally recommended after the pregnancy periods are completed, that is, if the patient does not plan to have a child again. In case of pregnancy and breastfeeding, sagging may occur again. In this case, the operation should be repeated again.

Post-Surgery Scars

Depending on the methods performed in breast lift surgery, scars may remain. Surgery is performed so that all scars remain in the bikini area. In addition, after one year after this surgery, the scars are considerably reduced, and it is seen that the scars become more obscure as time passes. Generally I-shaped, vertical descending line from the nipple to the end is the line that heals the fastest. Even if there is an L or T-shaped scar, these scars become largely obscure after a while.

Success of the Surgery

A successful surgery with good results depends on the experience of the doctor. If the doctor is professional and successful, the risks that will arise in the surgery are also reduced. Problems such as infection and bleeding are among the problems that can be encountered, although they are not very common. In order to experience such problems less, the patient should quit smoking and have a healthy diet. Problems such as the disappearance of the nipple during the surgery can also be resolved by opening a new nipple with different methods. In order to encounter such problems less and to give more successful results, better health centers and more experienced doctors should be selected for surgeries.

Do Breasts Sagging Again or Lose Their Form Later?

The human body is a living organism that is in constant change. Unless it is well fed and well cared for, it can lose its form. That’s why it’s important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are essential in order to preserve the results of such surgeries and to have a more proportional body.

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