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Breast Augmentation Surgery

The operation applied to enlarge the breasts in volume is called augmentation mammoplasty. It is known as breast augmentation. As an erogenous organ, the breast shape is so important to women. Women may face psychological problems due to their breast size. Smaller-than-normal breasts can turn into a psychological obsession for women. Thanks to modern medical technologies, it is possible to get rid of all these conditions. Thanks to breast implants developed with medical technology, you can have breasts in the size you want. This process can also be done using fat injection or a breast implant. However, the most promising and distinctive results are obtained with implants. Today, the most frequently performed operation of plastic surgery is breast augmentation. Women who are over the age of 18 and have completed their hormonal development can have this surgery whenever they want. The duration of breast lift surgery is the same.

Breast Augmentation Causes

The reasons for breast augmentation operation vary according to women. If we list the most important reasons:
In case of small breasts and unbalanced hip-breast ratio
Deformations in breast tissue after pregnancy and breastfeeding
Diseases that cause loss of breast tissue, such as breast cancer
Dissatisfaction with previous breast implant operation
Having an asymmetry problem between the two breasts and the woman being uncomfortable with this situation
Apart from the reasons we have listed, breast augmentation can be performed due to hormonal disorders, traumas such as traffic accidents and other surgical procedures.

Pre-Surgery Considerations

There are some points to consider before breast augmentation. First of all, necessary medical checks should be done. It is examined whether there are cancerous cells or harmless masses in the breast tissue. Routine analyzes of the person are performed and it is investigated whether there is any issue that prevents the operation. In people with chronic disease, this condition is first taken under control. The body measurements of the woman are taken into consideration when choosing the size and shape of the implant before the operation. In women with low body weight, the implant in the form of a water drop should be chosen. Implants with a round shape can be chosen to achieve a more natural appearance in women with a higher body mass index. Since the purpose of the operation is natural sized and naturally shaped breasts, the body measurements of the woman are very important.

Some preparations should be made before the breast augmentation process. These preparations are necessary for having a successful surgery. First, a physical examination should be performed by the doctor. During the physical examination, the patient’s anamnesis is taken in detail. Depending on the age of the woman, mammography and breast ultrasound should be done. Since a small amount of blood loss occurs during the operation, routine blood tests will be done and blood values will be examined. It also should be investigated whether the woman has any contagious disease. Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. For this reason, before the operation, the anesthesiologist evaluates the general health of the patient, her sensitivity to anesthetic drugs, and an appointment is made for the operation. We strongly recommend that you listen doctor’s advice when choosing a breast implant. Otherwise, you may have breast sizes and shapes that do not adapt to your body structure and looks unnatural.

Breast augmentation surgery should be performed in a full equipped hospital, in a standard operating room condition. Before the operation, it is determined from which compartment the implant will be placed. It can be placed under the breast fold, under the nipple or under the armpit. A 5 cm incision is made in the area where the implant will be placed, and the implant is placed from there. After the procedure will be finished and the surgical scar becomes smaller and invisible as time passes.

The possibility of complications after breast augmentation is very low, but although rare, conditions such as bleeding, infection and the body’s rejection of the implant may develop. The risk of bleeding is negligible. Sometimes a small-scale bleeding may occur if the sutures do not hold. With the intervention of a doctor, this bleeding can go under control in a short time. Regular bandaging and wound care should be done for a whole week. Infection can happen if care is not taken. If an infection develops, you will need to take antibiotics. The most important complication of breast augmentation is that the body does not accept the implant. If the implant does not fit with the body tissue after it is placed, the body begins to weave a capsule around the implant to protect itself. As time progresses, this capsule enlarges and hardens. After the capsule is formed, swelling, redness and pain occur in the breast. In such cases, the implant can be corrected by immediate intervention. The probability of this risk occurring is around 1%.

Care after breast augmentation is very important. Cold compresses must be applied in the first days after the operation. Swelling and bruises may occur in the breast tissue. Therefore, cold compresses are recommended. Bandages should be changed every day for the first week. In order to reduce the bleeding and the pressure in the breast tissue, it is necessary to sleep on high pillows in the first days.

Three weeks after the operation, the implant settles into the breast tissue. Therefore, sexual intercourse is not recommended in the first weeks. The patient should avoid heavy sports for at least three months. In particular, sports that put pressure on the chest muscles should not be done. Regular sleep and a balanced diet decrease the recovery period. Therefore, try to have a balanced diet whenever possible. Use the antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by your doctor regularly after the surgery. In the first days, we recommend that you wipe your body instead of taking a shower.

It is important to pay attention to some points when deciding about the hospital where you will have breast augmentation surgery. First of all, you should make sure that the hospital is easy to reach. The service principle of the hospital should always be to prioritize human health. Health centers with onlycommercial concerns always put your life in danger. Therefore, you should definitely do your research. All equipment used by the hospital must be technological products. Sterilization of the operating room and the instruments used should be done regularly. Hygiene rules must be strictly followed in every unit of the hospital. You should make sure that you can reach them easily when you need them. You should choose hospitals that meet these criteria in order not to risk your health and to experience financial loss.

Some factors affect the breast augmentation surgery fees such as the location of the hospital where the surgery is getting performed, the brand of the implant, the duration of the operation, the surgery fees of the surgeon performing the operation, the length of stay in the hospital and the size of the implants. The increase in the demand for breast implants in recent years has caused the operation fees to increase. Private hospitals that are doing this surgery without proper service can offer very low prices but in order not to endanger your health and to use implants that do not harm human health, you should definitely choose reliable hospitals. You may lose your life as a result of the use of implants with high carcinogenic content and without certification. For this reason, you should definitely not compromise on quality in your healthcare procedures. Our institution is always with you to get reliable and good services.

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