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Botox Treatment

Botox is both an application used for aesthetic purposes and a treatment method to prevent excessive sweating. It is the most common non-surgical treatment method. Apart from excessive sweating, there are other illnesses that it treats. For example, it can be used in the treatment of problems such as strabismus, migraine and chronic headache and strabismus. The main goal in Botox treatment is to cut the connection between nerve and muscle. In this way, the muscles are prevented from working too much. As it is known, our facial muscles are in constant motion due to our mimics and actions such as laughing. This movement causes them to stretch over time and break the bonds between them. This is why problems such as sagging and wrinkles happen. The purpose of these procedures is to prevent this.

Botox Types

Botox basically contains a substance called botulinum toxin. This substance can prevent and block the connection between nerves and muscles. However, there are different Botox brands that contain this basic ingredient. Botox brands are important because this substance will enter our body. It is very important to choose a clinic that uses a quality brand and it is performed by experienced doctors. Choosing suitable clinic and doctor is very important in all surgical and aesthetic applications that effects our health.

Where Botox can get injected?

Botox can be applied anywhere on our face where wrinkles and deep lines appear. The places where it is most commonly used are around the eyes, forehead and between the eyebrows. With the Botox method, it is possible to get rid of wrinkles and deep lines in this area. Botox can also be done to eliminate the lines on our neck and to lower or lift the eyebrows. Lines on the lips and nose can also be removed with this method. Botox is also applied to the lines caused by laughing in the corner of our lips. In addition, some other works, such as lifting the tip of the nose, making the chin fuller and making the face look oval can sometimes be done by applying Botox without the need for surgery.

Who can do Botox?

Botox can be applied to anyone who is a male or female adult. In non-adults, it can also sometimes be applied if it’s necessary for health. Anyone whose mimics become evident or begin to be visible can apply to this method. It is also get injected to people who have conditions that it can be treated.

Can Anyone Do It?

Anyone can do Botox. This method has no known side effects or risks but before having it done, a check up with a specialist and experienced doctor in a certified and reliable clinic should be done. In the preliminary check up with the doctor, first of all, it will be determined whether the person really needs this method or if the problems can be solved by another method, in that case other methods will be is also important to pay attention to the doctor’s recommendations in this regard.

How long does the effect of Botox lasts?

The effects of Botox vary from person to person. But it generally lasts for four to six months. How long it lasts depends on how much the person uses their facial muscles. Its effect is much shorter in younger people than in older people. Because in a young body, the muscles work more intensely. While the effect of Botox lasts for four months in young people, this period lasts up to six months in middle-aged people and up to eight months in older people. It is not possible to make the effect last longer only reapplication can be done for having constant result.

Comparison of Cosmetic Products and Botox

It would be unfair to make a comparison between cosmetic products and Botox effect. Because no cream can be as effective as Botox. Cosmetic products only have a superficial effect to dissolve fine wrinkles on the skin’s surface. However, it is a more effective solution as the Botox effect goes deeper. In order to prevent wrinkles, it would be better to have Botox first and then use the creams.

Will There Be Botox Scars?

After Botox, there is no scar on the face. Maybe swelling occur for a short time from the moment it is done, but then there is no trace of swelling, redness or bruising. It is a procedure that takes a very short time and patient can return to normal life after it is done.

How Does Our Face Look After Botox?

It is a common thinking that Botox will make our face excessively swollen and creates a not natural looking appearance. However, those issues can only happen if the Botox is not done properly. When Botox procedure be done properly and by a specialist doctor, our face looks younger and smoother afterward. It is not correct to think that there will always be a strange and dull expression on our faces. To understand the before and after’s difference, the person can look at his face in the mirror and check his facial expressions. If there are fine lines when you go in front of the mirror and raise your eyebrows, those lines can completely disappear after Botox.

Is There Any Negative Effect After the Procedure?

After Botox, some people may think that their eyebrows will rise completely and their face will swell. Although, these are also false assumptions. A doctor who applies it to the appropriate parts of the face and correct dosage can give you very good results and your eyebrows can be lifted as much as you demand. There will be no swelling on your face either. In fact, your face looks like how it looked when you were younger. Also, there are some other assumptions about Botox such as patients lose their face mimics and all people look alike each other after doing Botox which all of them are false.

Who should not do the Botox?

It is not recommended for pregnant women, mothers who are breastfeeding, who have blood related diseases or problems and those who have some skin problems in the area they want to have it done. Apart from that, everyone, male or female, can benefit from this application. It is also necessary not to have any upper respiratory disease or not to use a blood thinner medication before the application. In order for the Botox application to look more natural, it is recommended to do it in very small doses and at regular intervals.

Mimics and Botox

The facial expressions are among our unique features. It is important to keep these gestures as much as possible. For example, mimics must be protected for actors and similar professions. Men also need to be more careful when getting it done. Because they use some of their facial expressions more than women, and sometimes an overdose of Botox can make them look more feminine. In order to avoid such problems, the dose to be used during its application needs paying more attention to. If it is done by an experienced and expert doctor who pays attention to details and subtleties, such problems will not occur. In fact, if Botox is done in correct suitable, we can achieve a younger face with a much more natural appearance.

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