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At What Age Is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

Breast lift surgery, which is preferred for sagging breast problems, is an important operation that everyone wants to be. Naturally, it is important for people who are faced with this problem, who can have this surgery. At what age breast lift surgery is performed and whether there is an age limit, is an important issue that many people wonder and focus on. We would like to provide detailed information for those who want to learn about this subject.

Why is Breast Lift Surgery Necessary?

Breast lift surgery is an important operation that people of all ages may need. Although it is generally thought that there is sagging in the chest with increasing age, many people at a young age may face this problem. Therefore, we cannot say that there is a certain age limit for people who need this operation. At what age breast lift surgery is performed is only important. Because although people of all ages need it, unfortunately the operation is not suitable for everyone.

First of all, we would like to tell you why this operation is needed. Thanks to this operation, women have much steeper and much more beautiful breasts. In addition to visual appearance, when sagging breasts occur, more burden begins to be placed on the shoulders and especially the back area. This causes hunchback and spinal problems in the patient. In other words, this operation is important not only for visual beauty, but also for spinal health.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

We would like to talk about how breast lift operations are performed and what awaits patients during this operation. Namely;

The patient is first examined by the doctor and a decision is made on how to proceed in the surgery.
After the decision about the operation is made, the patient is prepared on the day of the operation and this operation is performed under general anesthesia.
If the sagging situation in the patient is not too much, the sagging is removed by supporting it with silicone.
In more extensive and excessive sagging, the chest is lifted up with a suitable method and excess skin is saved.
After the operation, sutures are made with the appropriate suture technique and the process is completed.
This operation lasts for 2-3 hours and the patient returns to his normal life after a good rest period. It is extremely important in this process in matters such as at what age breast lift surgery is performed.

Who Is Breast Lift Surgery For?

At what age is breast lift surgery performed and who is suitable for this operation are the most important issues that people who are considering the operation wonder about. First of all, we would like to give information about who may be involved in this operation. Although everyone is generally suitable for this operation, some people cannot be treated. If we give information about who these people are. Namely;

Those whose health condition is not suitable for surgery

  • those under 18 years old
  • pregnant or nursing mothers

How is it decided to have surgery?

Breast lift operation is an operation that will improve your quality of life in general and make you more comfortable. You can decide and have this operation done at any time. Of course, in this process, you should pay attention to the age at which breast lift surgery is performed. Because you must have reached the age limit for the operation. Apart from this, you can have these operations before it is too late, especially if sagging has started to cause back and low back pain in you.

What Happens If Breast Lift Surgery Is Not Performed?

If this operation is not performed, you will start to experience back, shoulder and low back pain as we mentioned before, apart from looking bad visually. This causes hernia, humpback and many other important physical problems in the future. In order to avoid these situations, this operation should be performed without losing time. By learning at what age breast lift surgery is performed, you can have this operation without wasting time. This operation is extremely beneficial and necessary for you.

At What Age Is Breast Lift Surgery Performed and Is There an Age Limit?

We would like to touch on the question of what age Breast lift surgery is performed and is there any age limit? First of all, there is no upper age limit for this operation, but at least 18 years of age must be completed. If people do not have any health problems that will prevent the operation, they can have this operation at any age. In fact, this operation becomes much more necessary in later ages. In advancing ages, women begin to experience some health problems because of this problem. Therefore, in fact, there is much more need in later ages.

Of course, when the patient starts to experience this situation at a much younger age, he should have an operation without wasting time. Because the more time is lost on this issue, the more physical problems will be experienced. In addition, since this situation looks bad visually, people’s psychological states and social lives are negatively affected.

What Should Those Who Want to Have a Breast Lift Consider?

After breast lift operations, there are important conditions that must be considered in order to have a comfortable process. The better the patients protect themselves during this process, the more comfortable the process will be. Especially after the operation, cold compress is applied to the patient immediately. The patient also needs to wear a sports bra for 4 weeks after the operation. The patient should not force himself too much and should not tire himself. By paying attention to these, a very comfortable process can be passed.

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