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Abdominoplasty Surgery

Weight, fat and sagging are generally seen mostly in the abdominal region. In general, women complain about this situation. Although all kinds of exercises and diets are done, the desired success cannot be achieved. Even if weight is lost, it is not possible to get rid of the problem of sagging and cracks. Since medicine has advanced so much today, the desired success is achieved by performing tummy tuck operations.

Due to various reasons, problems such as excess fat sagging and excess skin can sometimes be encountered in the abdomen. For this reason, there have been very good developments in recent years and the treatments performed give very good results.

One of these treatments is tummy tuck surgery. This surgery, which is applied to both genders, women and men, is a method used for postpartum sagging in women in general. After this procedure, the abdomen looks smooth and in shape. By removing excess sagging skin, fat is removed and the area around the abdomen is corrected. Especially if there is a postpartum crack and this image will be gone.

How is Abdominoplasty Surgery?

Abdominoplasty, which is in the aesthetic category, is called a surgical operation. It is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations and, as a result, it is an effective method. After giving birth, it may take some time to return to the old self. This does not create an aesthetically pleasing image. Since there is sudden weight gain during pregnancy, the form of the body changes and sagging occurs. Women who have given birth twice are the group that shows the most sagging and wear.

Although it is generally desired to tighten the abdomen with methods such as diet and exercise, this takes a long time and the desired form cannot be achieved. However, in a tummy tuck operation, with a single operation, sagging skin is collected and excess fat is removed, and the problem is solved in a short time.

The tummy looks flat and sporty. After every surgical operation, it is possible for every person to experience some problems. In general, infection and bleeding in the area are the most common problems. Therefore, after the operation, drugs should be used regularly and care should be taken not to make heavy movements.

How Long Does Recovery Take After Surgery?

After the tummy tuck operation, it may vary depending on the conditions of the surgery. The patients remain under observation for one or two days after the surgery and are discharged afterwards. After tummy tuck surgery, it is especially recommended for the person who has the surgery to use a corset. The corset, which is worn for approximately 30 days, helps to gather and reach the desired form. After the surgery, getting up and walking with help is important for quick recovery. Afterwards, it is possible to be more vigorous and to recover quickly by walking unaided.

After the tummy tuck surgery, the stitches may cause pain from time to time, for this, painkillers are administered intravenously while under observation, and it is aimed to reduce the pain by giving the necessary painkillers for the subsequent home process. As with any surgery, the first week or two may be difficult. Since the stitches do not heal, conditions such as sneezing, coughing or straining may also cause pain and strain. Particular attention should be paid to these situations, because sometimes, bleeding may occur in the stitches as a result of strain. So these movements should be done in a controlled manner.

If you don’t have to do a heavy job in your, if your doctor recommends it and you start to feel better, there is no harm in returning to your job in a maximum of 10 days, if you feel good, according to the conditions. All of this information is valid for tummy tuck surgery. In other words, it is necessary to pay attention to these when you have a complete and major operation. It is possible to return to your work in 3-4 days at most, since the process of mini-abdominal surgeries is also lighter. Returning to routine in daily life is also more comfortable in small operations.

Post-Surgery Pregnancy

One of the most curious issues of women who have had tummy tuck surgery is that there will be no harm in thinking about pregnancy after the surgery. In other words, encountering any complications is an issue that makes people a little nervous. Abdominoplasty has no relation or effect with pregnancy and conception in general. It has not been observed that people who have had a tummy tuck operation and become pregnant have encountered any problems. The appropriate time for pregnancy, if you have had an operation, is related to the full recovery of the process. In other words, a pregnancy should not be considered before recovery. Another curious issue is that women who want to stretch their tummy after pregnancy adjust the timing. In other words, after how much time has passed, it is right to have a tummy tuck operation, the answer to this question is wondered.

For an operation, at least 1 year must pass after birth. During this period, the mother should pay attention to eating, drinking, exercising and breastfeeding. In other words, he needs to lose as much weight as he can in 1 year. It is easier to determine the exact time and the level of cracks and sagging in the elapsed time. Women who do not have a pregnancy plan and want to have a tummy tuck should go to a specialist and get the necessary information after a year after giving birth.

It can progress in a plan accordingly. People who have had the procedure and then give birth should also avoid surgery and not repeat it if a delivery has been made and pregnancy is planned, as sagging and abdominal cracking may occur again. In general, tummy tuck operation is a serious operation like any surgical operation. Like any surgery, before and after is important. In general, there is no problem in his health status, if he gave birth, at least 1 year has passed, and there is no pregnancy plan for the upcoming periods. People, who have not had any abdominal surgery before, if deemed appropriate by the specialist, can be operated on, which is a surgical procedure, tummy tuck.

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